AR Headsets Help Independent Contracting Businesses

Benefits of Hands-Free Computing with AR Headsets

Independent contracting businesses like Solar Installers, Carpenters, HVAC Pros, Exterminators, Greenkeepers, and others, face unique challenges every day at their job sites.  Let’s discuss some scenarios of their job and see how the AR headsets can help:

These contracting professionals go to different sites every day to build, fix, improve and clean critical equipment needed for everyday use. The RealWear HMT-1 Assisted Reality device assists professionals in overcoming challenges that they may currently face on the job without the use of technology. 

Working in Hazardous Environment

The Realwear HMT-1 AR headset helps workers complete their work effectively and document the tasks even in extreme, dangerous, cramped and dirty environments. Its hands-free, voice-controlled and has versatile accessories to connect to PPE and keep workers safe on the job.

Following variable regulations

The HMT-1 device provides workers with access to all the latest regulations and gives contractors the ability to store all important documents that can be retrieved by a few voice commands. This protects workers from any future legal issues by ensuring customer satisfaction without having to carry multiple physical copies of documentation to a job.

Complete jobs with accuracy 

Independent contractors have no margins for error in their job as equipment they are working on is expensive and is required to remain in perfect condition for several years to avoid life-threatening incidences or customer dissatisfaction. Assisted Reality headsets provide access to the expertise they need from anywhere in the world, through remote mentoring.

A limited supply of experts

It takes years of training to become a certified expert, and they are generally in demand in many businesses. These head-mounted AR headsets aid less-experienced field workers, giving them access to the limited experts your business has. Moreover, the experts can virtually access every job site. It will extend the invaluable knowledge of the experts to where it is needed most, which will increase the productivity of the business and also decrease the travel expenses.

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