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The utility industry is facing an ageing workforce challenge, which requires companies operating within the industry to initiate the process of knowledge transfer as the silver workforce retires. However, the biggest challenge in the water utility industry is that employees have two group decisions – office-based and field-based.

Employee turnover is one of the trickiest situations in field operations because it takes several years to train an employee for the job. While upfront training includes manuals and formal programs, practical and experiential learning requires years of exposure to different scenarios that allow field workers to accumulate a wealth of experience and knowledge.

In such a case, knowledge transfer plays a key role in the water utility industry. The question, however, is how to accelerate the process of knowledge transformation, specifically for field employees in the water utility industry. 

The second challenge concerns the safety and security of field workers. They often work in dangerous situations, where communicating via handheld devices, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets, can be dangerous. However, communication is still crucial for situations that require technical assistance from experts.

Is there a better solution than experts flying off to a remote location, costing the company a fortune? 

Digital technology, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and assisted reality, facilitates retaining key information from employees nearing their retirement and ensures the safety of field workers since the devices are wearable. Specifically, in the water utility industry, workers have to inspect, install and repair water distribution systems. Therefore, companies must ensure that activities are carried out safely. 


The all-new assisted reality solutions facilitate remote assistance by experts to field employees in the water utility industry. Ageing workforce can enable retention of knowledge by using assisted reality devices and sharing wisdom with them in real-time. Realtime AR is a leading name in the assisted reality landscape with cutting edge solutions for utility organisations, including industrial strength and customized wearable headsets with unique software capabilities. Let us walk you through how the assisted reality head-mounted devices we provide can aid your knowledge-sharing process and ensure the safety of your workers. 


AR technology embedded in head-mounted devices allows virtual assistance. It means that employees in the water utility field can capture and share quality images and videos using the built-in camera. Our headsets also feature voice commands that enable workers to remain hands-free and have complete situational awareness while seeking technical assistance from experts. Our technology is compliant with Safety and OH&S. 


By enabling real-time mentoring from an experienced pool of workers using voice and video features, the communication gap is bridged. Multiple mentors can be on more than one frontline to facilitate struggling amateurs. Not only does it support inexperienced workers, but our AR technology also supports the knowledge-sharing process in an organization by connecting remote experts with on-site workers. 


To make your employees’ safety a priority, it is essential that you utilize our document navigation feature. It keeps all paperwork at bay, and your employees can access important documents using just a voice command. There is no need to take heavy manuals to fix an issue because they have an opportunity to be fully equipped with intuitive technology that enables them to perform tasks in a moment. 


Apart from these, RealWear’s head-worn devices, such as the HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1, come with distinctive software capabilities that support the process of knowledge transfer in your organization while also ensuring employees’ safety. For example, you can integrate Microsoft Teams for seamless resolution of technical issues from an on-site utility expert. Microsoft Teams in our ruggedized wearable devices enable workers to launch a video call with experts to troubleshoot problems by voice command and without having to use a keyboard or mouse.


The water utility industry is experiencing quite a few challenges due to an ageing workforce and field workers having to work in complex situations. While the turnover from both situations can be quite damaging to a company’s bottom line, a simple solution that addresses both gaps is the integration of assisted reality solutions. Realtime AR’s combination of Realwear’s innovative wearable devices and our end-to-end training and services facilitate knowledge transfer, ensuring the safety of employees.

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