Assisted Reality vs. Augmented Reality for Frontline Workers

Assisted Reality Vs Augmented Reality

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital solutions have been accelerated without much resistance, as the need to support frontline workers of industrial enterprises remotely became unavoidable. Choosing the right digital solution for the working environment of your frontline workers is crucial, and often assisted reality is a far better option than augmented reality for the safety of front-line workers.

Realwear assisted reality devices to enable you to control the amount of digital data shown to the workers. The device has an HD microdisplay that sits right in the worker’s field of vision without getting in the way, which can also be moved away when not in use. The voice control feature allows workers to simultaneously work and use the headset, without compromising their safety and ensuring full situational awareness.  It works for both indoors or outdoors, is compatible with any PPE, and was specially designed rugged for frontline workers and hazardous environments. All these features enable workers to perform their tasks both efficiently and safely with the help of assisted reality.

The Realwear HMT-1 Headset uses assisted reality which has been proven better than Augmented reality when it comes to the safety of frontline workers:

  • It is safer to use for frontline workers than handheld tablets, wearables & smart glasses or plain old paper manuals.
  • It’s 100% hands-free, adjustable and voice-controlled in a remote or hazardous environment.
  • Its noise cancellation function enables workers to use it in loud environments.
  • The HMT-1 provides workers with on-demand access to information, workflow procedures, and remote experts.

This assisted reality wonder has helped improve worker safety and productivity in many industries worldwide. Workers can use Realwear HMT-1Z1 headsets even in extreme hazardous workplaces, where technology is limited and there are strict requirements on devices to avoid fire hazards in ignition risk locations.

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