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The energy sector is risk-sensitive, and several dangerous industrial processes can lead to fatal outcomes. The use of handheld devices in such risky environments is nothing but a mere risk to frontline workers who deal with these experiences on a daily basis. Organisations operating within the energy sector are required to form a safety culture in order to avoid any potential accidents. This is why leaders in the energy sector are deploying assisted reality solutions to protect, empower and connect their workforce. Our AR wearable devices are engineered to provide an alternative to traditional smart devices and ensure the safety of your frontline workforce and connect them with their respective teams in different geographical locations. 

Why RealWear’s devices?

Holistic Design Approach

Our designers have taken a holistic and forward-thinking approach in terms of design and development. The Realwear HMT-1, HMT-1Z1 and Navigator 500 all boast a combination of different technicalities that protect frontline workers who work in harsh industrialized environments. TheIr customer-oriented approach in initiating the design process enabled them to come up with a digital solution that boosts your overall user experience.

Voice-Controlled, Hands-Free

Our AR smart glasses are designed to meet the needs of modern-day frontline workers; hence, they have a safety-first engineering approach. RealWear devices are industrial-grade with high-quality voice recognition technology. Your frontline workers can use these head-mounted, hands-free devices to connect with their teams while working in dangerous conditions, keeping their hands away and solving complex performs with 100% due diligence.

100% ruggedized

Working in the energy sector requires commitment from your workers to perform complex tasks in harsh conditions, even if it comes at a cost. However, as a business owner, you may be wary of putting expensive technology equipment out in the field with workers who may be careless. Therefore RealWear’s assisted reality solutions are 100% ruggedized and the most durable on the market, which makes them the perfect alternative to any other hand-held device. It does not only withstand harsh conditions itself but also safeguard the user from heavy debris, dust, dirt and liquid.

Fewer Distractions

Standing at a height and needing to constantly move around can not only disrupt your workers’ focus but also challenge their safety. However, business owners can deploy assisted reality solutions to minimize risks, protect workers and increase productivity. RealWear’s Hands-free, voice controlled deviced feature the boom arm, which workers can use to move the device out from their field of vision when not in use to keep distractions at bay. Moreover, these devices are monocular, which means your workers can see a visualized version of the physical world to perform routine tasks using technology.

Visual Assist Capabilities

Paper is still the main medium in the energy sector to list down key insights regarding assets and daily operations. As a consequence, there is a high probability of errors and significant threat of resource waste. However, digital transformation is progressively ruling out, making pencil and paper a thing of the past. Assisted reality is enabling digital note taking through voice activation and imagery capture, transforming training and development of field workers with its visual assist capabilities. As a result, there is a decrease seen in errors of data entry and unnecessary onsite periods.

Hands-Free Digital Workflow

Additionally, the RealWear devices allow hands-free digital workflow, which means your workers can access visual instructions, documentation and workflow whenever and wherever they require it. As a result, it reduces errors, boosts performance, improves productivity and leverages operational efficiency.

The Bottom Line

The energy sector does not have a risk-free environment. Therefore, it is the responsibility of organizations to safeguard their field workforce. Assisted reality solutions play a vital role in driving the digitalization trend in the energy sector and RealWear is leading the way. RealWear has industrial-grade wearable tablets that are 100% ruggedized, voice-enabled and hands-free. These AR devices are proven to improve operational efficiency, streamline information flow and boost workers’ focus.

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