Remote audit and inspection

Did you know? 

You can now carry out a Remote Audit & Inspection Process! 

RealWear is one of the first companies in the world to Introduce Remote Work through Connected Worker Programs. 

Are you aware of Connected Worker Programs? If not, here is how you can enable your workforce for the remote audit and inspection process.

What are Connected Worker Programs?

  • Connected Workers is a system that allows frontline workers to do remote work in the field while maintaining constant communication. Employees can communicate with headquarters, seek information or data, and collaborate with colleagues in other places. This facilitates quick, on-the-spot decisions and boosts operational efficiency. 
  • Connectivity enables verbal and visual communication between frontline workers and remote employees in any corner of the world. Employees can also share key information and data in real-time to make timely and informed decisions.
  • The safety of frontline workers is frequently jeopardized, particularly in the construction and manufacturing industries. This issue has been remedied thanks to Connected Worker, and workers may now be assured of a significantly higher percentage of safety. These programs’ combination of hardware, software, and network tools allows people to work in a risk-free environment with safe working circumstances. 
  • To maximise the benefits of Connected Worker technology, wearables with microphones, speakers, built-in cameras, and a noise-cancelling function are advised. Laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, and other devices can all benefit from the technology. However, this would be a relatively narrow subset of Connected Worker technologies, as well as a less efficient version. 

Realwear HMT-1 wearable device is one of the examples of a Connected Worker Solution. It is the first 100% hands-free, RealWear industrial-strength AR device & android tool of its kind. It assists in remote audits & inspection processes with the help of assisted reality solutions.

Here is how Realtime AR can improve your remote audit & inspection process through its wearable computers & assisted reality solutions: 

  • Reduce or eliminate travel
  • Reduce downtime on site 
  • Improve worker productivity
  • Easily scalable to a mobile workforce
  • Improve accuracy and quality
  • Assist knowledge transfer

These are some of the ways you can digitally transform your company and multiply the success rate & profits manifold. Now, if you’re wondering why a digital transformation is necessary or what even creates the need for a remote audit and inspection process, keep reading.

Digital transformation has driven innovation and change in organizational cultures, customer experiences, service delivery and infrastructure in order to adapt to the current trends and satisfy unique customer demands. Some features of Digital Transformation are: 

  •       Customer drives digital transformation
  •       Digitization of analogue data into digital form
  •       Digitalisation simplifies everyday business operations (Like audits & inspections – Wink wink!)

Does your company perform audits & inspection processes in person? Well, get out of the dark ages already – Please!

Hybrid is the future:

Organizations are implementing a hybrid working week following the pandemic, and so there will be fewer on-field workers due to the remote working structure. The focus has greatly shifted to making remote working as convenient and easier as possible. However, the reality check is that support for remote fieldwork is a necessity. For instance, a working environment that is not suitable for employees to carry hand-held devices is nothing but a compromise on their safety and protection. Moreover, investments in the right technologies streamline the process of knowledge transfer. 

The RealWear Navigator™ 500 is specifically designed to address these prevalent challenges. The head-mounted device provides real-time access to information, streamlining on-field working. 

As hybrid work structure is taking over — empowering remote and on-field workforce will enable organizations to achieve competitive advantage.

Did you know that RealWear also has the potential for nuclear power inspection? Amazing, right!

TÜV SÜD has deployed RealWear augmented reality (AR) headsets to help in the remote inspection of nuclear power plant components. The devices – running remote expert support software Oculavis Share – enable remote test, inspection and certification of technical systems. TÜV SÜD’s nuclear business has seen significant benefits from deploying augmented reality (AR) technology. Remote inspection of nuclear equipment using RealWear HMT-1 headsets saved the company €4,000 per flight and 11 hours of travel time.

RealWear Industrial Strength AR device with its assisted reality solutions can benefit industries all over the globe through a broad scope of transformations & adaptations to the digital age.  

The remote Audit & Inspection process is one example of how the digitization of a seemingly small routine can transform your workforce.

Realtime AR is a gold channel partner of Realwear in APaC, working to help companies to move with digitalisation and to make the remote audit & inspection processes a successful reality.  

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