How Smart Wearables Revving Up Automotive Manufacturing and Assembly


automotive industry worker wearing smart wearable device

Healthcare, logistics and utility industries have gained quite a lot of traction for the deployment of smart wearables. Now, the automotive sector is implementing augmented reality wearables, and the transformation is truly impeccable.

Given the complexity of the automotive sector, from the initial model design to production and assembly, augmented reality in the automotive industry plays a crucial role in maintaining accuracy and managing resources. Smart wearables featuring augmented reality (AR) have revolutionized the sector by empowering workers to go hands-free, thereby disrupting its full potential.


Assisting Back-end Operations – Design, Assembly and Production


Smart glasses allow workers to remain hands-free and work in a stress-free environment. When it comes to the automotive sector, employees have the opportunity to carry out daily tasks hands-free and in their vision field. Without having to scroll down information using a handheld smart device, they are equipped with information and 3D visualizations, which help them to recall content at any moment. A research study published by the International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology found that employees who execute virtual reality training on the assembly line are relatively more efficient and make fewer errors. 

A renowned automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen, deployed smart wearable technology in 2015 for the order-picking process in the Northern Germany plant. Employees who used the glasses were able to view information within their field of vision. While voice control and touch technology also allowed them to remain hands-free and carry out day-to-day activities with convenience, the built-in camera enabled them to read the bar code for the right selection of parts.


Remote Assistance

The ability to communicate in real-time and avoid any need for face-to-face communication has made processes far easier. Augmented reality (AR) has enabled remote assistance from experts, eliminating the need for travel to diagnose issues and provide solutions.


Worker Safety

Apart from productivity and efficiency benefits, one of the most crucial impacts of the smart wearable technology deployment is the assurance of worker safety. Smart glasses allow employees to remain hands-free and work in critical environments without disruptions with its voice control technology and built-in camera. 


Artificial Intelligence in the Car Manufacturing Sector


Artificial intelligence has created a paradigm shift in the business world. From fashion to healthcare facilities, every business category is integrating AI to transform the concept of digitalization and increase efficiency. It is also a critical integration in the automotive augmented reality cases. The application of artificial intelligence not only assists in data processing and analytics but also automates and predicts. For instance, a technician providing virtual assistance to assembly line workers can be recorded and uploaded to the video database. AI can provide recommendations for suitable tutorials to employees without having them rely on a live video session.

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