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Did you know RealWear’s hands-free solutions are empowering frontline medical workers?

After successful innovations in a vast array of industries like Automotive, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Field Services etc.: The RealWear HMT-1 has been set up to facilitate the health care industry through a revolutionary fusion of telehealth & telemedicine.

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What is Telehealth & Telemedicine?

You might have heard the two terms being used interchangeably. However, there exists a basic distinction between the two. RealWear & Realtime AR have integrated these two aspects of modern-day healthcare using assisted reality. Hence generating state of the art technologies to revolutionize the way medical systems work: Through hands-free solutions for healthcare.

Telemedicine VS Telehealth

Telemedicine refers to remotely carried out healthcare services. The World Health Organization describes telemedicine as “Surveillance, health promotion and public health functions.”

It uses software & electronic mediums of communication in order to provide clinical services to patients without a visit to the hospital or clinic.

This technology is frequently used for:

  • Specialist consultation
  • Follow-up visits
  • Medication management
  • Management of chronic conditions & etc.

Telehealth differs from telemedicine because it refers to a much broader spectrum of healthcare services, as compared to telemedicine.

It doesn’t just cater to remote patient care but tends to improve the healthcare system as a whole.

In addition to clinical services, Telehealth includes several non-clinical services such as:

  • Continuing medical education
  • Provider training
  • Administrative meetings

These characteristics enable it to develop public healthcare into a technologically advanced, digitally connected & swift system.

Realwear has innovated several ways to make clinical healthcare smarter & smoother by integrating the two with assisted reality solutions using its top-notch devices like the Navigator 500 and HMT-1. There hands-free solutions for healthcare have proven to be quite successful across the globe.

Read Success Case:

RealWear’s hands-free solutions for healthcare assisted doctors in 3 Chinese hospitals during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Did you know this? HMT-1 for Telemedicine Helped Pneumonia and Nerve Damage Issues in Coronavirus Patients at Three Chinese Hospitals in 2020. Business Development Director of RealWear China, Leslie Wang provided us with a praiseworthy account of the HMT-1 being used by frontline workers on the ground.

Thanks for my brothers, Mr. Lan and Mr. Yang. We successfully implemented the first AR ward round in the front line of fighting against the coronavirus at Tongji hospital in Wuhan, Hubei, China by the third group of Jiangsu medical teams supporting Hubei. As one part of smart medical care and online diagnosis and treatment, senior experts went his rounds remotely at clean area by the two-way real-time high-resolution audio and video sent back by the HMT-1 worn on the junior doctor which was in the isolation area. Hope realwear could help more patients and doctors in this battle world widely!

Leslie Wang, Business Development Director – RealWear China

You can read the full article here: HMT-1 in use at Chinese hospitals during Covid-19.

Now, let’s go over 3 of the most common clinical issues faced at hospitals across the globe – How are RealWear’s hands-free solutions for healthcare assisting frontline workers in improvising these services?

  1. Proctoring
  2. Rounding
  3. Thermal Imaging


What is the problem?

A situation that requires proctors could arise at any time within a professional medical setting. However, local clinical proctors are not always available when one needs them. Travel & staffing of proctors adds to the cost of healthcare systems and may cause delays in patient care.

Realtime AR’s Solution:

RealWear’s tele-proctoring technology records in real time and asynchronously from the perspective of the provider, allowing for first-hand observation. This decreases the requirement for proctors to be present at all times, as well as the time it takes for the patient to receive care.


What is the problem?

The condition of medicine and healthcare is rapidly changing, making knowledge acquisition a difficult task. Healthcare practitioners require information from a variety of sources, including first-hand knowledge from colleagues and a variety of communication techniques.

Realtime AR’s Solution:

New surgical techniques and procedures can be promptly communicated using an asynchronous recording capability. Real-time streaming from RealWear can also help clinicians during patient rounds with off-site specialists, allowing for more accurate and timely patient care.

Thermal Imaging

What is the problem?

Traditional temperature taking procedures might take up to 3 minutes and require bodily contact. In crowded circumstances, this could result in injuries or illness spreading to the patient or practitioner.

Realtime AR’s Solution:

Our hands-free infrared thermography assists in the detection of higher body temperatures that may suggest the presence of a fever: All without the use of hands. Using only his voice, the screener can stay mobile and secure while preventing infected parties from entering clean zones.

We’re sure you now understand how RealWear is paving the path for frontline workers making healthcare accessible, quicker & competent.

However, what you see is better than what you read – right?

So, let’s go over the many more benefits of RealWear & Realtime AR’s assisted reality solutions in more detail – and watch the HMT-1 in action, in real time.

In the following video you can see the HMT-1 in use for:

  • Superior consultation
  • Urgent care in the emergency ward
  • To generate videos and photos of the patient as treatments go on

An exemplary use of telemedicine in healthcare sector – in the hands of frontline workers like doctors, nurses & etc.


HMT-1 in use by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)

Patients in an emergency situation require urgent care before they reach the hospital. A lot of times, this urgent care is time-sensitive & outside the skillset or knowledge of a paramedic. RealWear enables the ENT staff to access live support from professionals at the hospital or carry on with workflow instructions.

Here, take a look yourself: https://vimeo.com/395034759

Similarly, RealWear also continues to empower frontline workers in healthcare & across a variety of other industries through:

  • 5g Data Network Transmission
  • Ultra-low Delay Communication
  • Realtime Information Delivery

Watch the HMT-1 in use by first responders in Korea:

We hope you found this brief introduction to RealWear’s efforts in the global medical industry through assisted reality to be informative. As partners of Realwear in APaC, Realtime AR works to assist in the move to make public healthcare more accessible, swift & competent with the digital age. You can read more about our innovative endeavors in telemedicine here: RealWear in Telemedicine.

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