RealTime AR helps Industrial Digitalisation in Australia ​

Industrial Digitalisation in Australia

AR technology is working to empower businesses to visualise key insights about their operational technologies. The ability to view both physical and virtual environments are an untapped benefit for industries like manufacturing, transportation, and energy. This kind of technology is crucial for saving financially in industries where heavy machinery and other physical equipment is heavily used and worked on often. 

RealTime AR in partnership with RealWear is becoming increasingly imperative to merge these physical assets into IT applications and infrastructure to improve operations, customer service and business-critical insights that help organisations gain a competitive lead. Wearable technology by Realwear such as AR headsets plays a vital role in helping enterprises to achieve full industry transformation, automation, and digitalisation.

Head-Mounted AR Headsets

The Head-Mounted AR headsets (HMT-1) by Realwear has immense benefits in industries such as Manufacturing, Engineering, Oil & Gas, and Transport; Mainly in training or the carrying out of sensitive or critical tasks. Via an AR headset, industrial workers can be supported by a steady stream of task-related information or by experts off site, without them needing to move around paper-based manuals and reference information. 

Industrial Digitalisation through AR Headsets

RealTime AR works, in partnership with Realwear, in the industrial sector of Australia to digitalise the workforce. It has shown great success in customer experience applications, however an overarching success is in the maintenance and manufacturing applications. The technology can be used to create intuitive visual patterns for troubleshooting and repairing projects and ensures that processes and products can be better scrutinised, serviced and updated in real-time by people. Wearable technology by Realwear and RealTime AR is leading to a new age of efficiency and connectivity to the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

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