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Staying competitive and keeping workers efficient is the utmost priority for automotive companies. This is how organizations reach new heights of success and are creative in their approach. However, staying competitive without encouraging digitalization is almost impossible. As the electric car market starts to boom and we see more use of Assisted Reality to improve workshops to become more efficient, the automotive sectors must adapt to stay current.

Let us briefly walk you through the concept if you are unaware. Assisted reality is different from what people usually confuse it with; it is the next great leap in the industrial sector. People use head-mounted devices, such as our Realwear HMT-1, to see data on the screen within their immediate field of vision. It enables complete situational awareness even when you are working in remote areas.

The Role of AR in the Automotive Industry

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is one of the most crucial elements within every industry for augmented performance and growth sustenance. The concept is important in the automotive sector because assisted reality enables the transfer of key insights and valuable information from one department to another. Therefore, an automotive company needs to have a robust strategy for the knowledge transfer process. Physical training sessions and programs are convenient for on-site workers. However, when it comes to remote employees, knowledge transfer is challenging. This is where assisted reality solutions, like the RealWear Navigator 500, play a significant role in helping automotive companies with digital workflows, real-time video collaboration and intuitive learning.

Workers’ Safety

Your workers’ safety is a priority, and assisted reality solutions, such as Realwear’s HMT-1, prioritize safety and ensure protection. HMT-1 is a voice-enabled head-mounted device that eliminates hand-held devices, such as smartphones, tablets and mobile phones. Not only is HMT-1 the best alternative to traditional hand-held devices, but it also prioritizes the safety of workers who work in remote fields with dangerous conditions.

Enhanced Collaboration

You can see what your workers see in the field. AR in the automotive industry helps promote the idea of “you see what I see” because Realwear AR devices enable real-time video collaboration, enabling organizational experts to connect remotely with engineers via digital means.

The Digital Transformation of Hirschmann Automotive

Founded in 1959, Hirschmann Automotive is an Australian automotive supplier with an international presence. The organization manufactures plug connections, sensor systems and cable solutions for various automotive components.

The Challenge:

Communication and collaboration are vital for the company as Hirschmann has seven plants, four sales offices and a team of more than 5,500 employees across ten geographical locations. However, the key to connecting the workforce was missing, affecting its communication infrastructure, internal collaboration capabilities, cost structure and efficiency.

Hirschmann has an international presence and a good reputation in the automotive sector. Therefore, it must keep the bars high through cost efficiency and time management. Given the situation, the management of the company was exposed to the challenge of integrating technology-backed solutions for an efficient and cost-effective knowledge transfer process. The automotive company requires efficient solutions to transfer valuable information to professionals in other parts of the world. Hence, they opted for RealWear’s HMT-1.

Why the HMT-1?

Hirschmann Automotive recognized the importance of AR in the automotive industry and deployed RealWear’s HMT-1 to strengthen collaboration and minimize equipment downtime. The following features of our assisted reality device make it a win-win for Hirschmann:

  • It is a ruggedized head-worn device with the durability to withstand harsh conditions and last longer.
  • It uses voice commands that enable workers to go hands-free and use both hands to perform tasks with due diligence.
  • It features a high-definition camera that enables real-time video collaboration between engineers, technicians, and other experts within the company.
  • It has a two-way audio feature that enables engineers and technicians to connect with remote professionals.


The deployment of AR in the automotive industry has benefited Hirschmann Automotive. Not only do our assisted reality solutions minimize travel time and cost, but it also improves responsiveness to maintenance and repair, streamline collaboration, and improve information accessibility. It also proved to be beneficial when international and domestic mobility was restricted. The RealWear HMT-1 facilitated communication and collaboration between technicians and experts and increased ROIs even during uncertainty.

The Bottom Line

Assisted Reality breaking into the automotive industry has streamlined many processes and enabled companies like Hirschmann Automotive to increase returns on investment during the pandemic and connect people remotely.

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