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Leveraging the power of the industrial metaverse and taking a step to make the new innovation at the forefront of digital transformation, Realtime AR has partnered with Moziware to launch a one-of-its-kind wearable device. CIMO by Moziware is a cutting-edge addition to the world of technology. Now you can do more, see more and be more with CIMO.   


Moziware – Leading the Wearable Technology Landscape

Digitalization is the cornerstone of Moziware’s strategy, a leading name in leveraging augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The ultimate objective of Moziware is to empower and assist companies in managing their frontline workers and accelerate productivity and safety levels. The latest launch of CIMO connects your workforce with the industrial metaverse. Keep reading to know how. 


Expand the Reach of your Workforce with CIMO by Moziware

Moziware has recently introduced the latest voice-activated and hands-free device that boasts data capture technology for remote collaboration and workforce empowerment. The state-of-the-art breakthrough will provide numerous benefits to industries and workshops with field operations, remote work environments, and critical working conditions. CIMO by Moziware is a pocket-sized device featuring tremendous capabilities. 


Turn Your Frontline Workers Into Virtual Experts with CIMO Key Features 


It’s Lightweight Yet Durable

The lightweight and compact design fit easily into a pocket so that your teams work in a comfortable environment. The pocket-sized device is also durable with its dustproof and drop- and water-resistant technology to complement harsh working conditions. Overall, the features eliminate the need to carry a handheld device for field operations. 


It’s Hands-Free

Some industries require extra diligence. For instance, if your work in the energy industry, you ensure to go the extra mile to comply with the safety standards for your frontline staff. Workers in fields require digital devices to access technical manuals, connect with remote experts and seek assistance. However, carrying a handheld device results in safety issues. CIMO by Moziware features intuitive voice controls for hands-free operation. 


It Features Smart Connectivity

With its smart connectivity feature, CIMO by Moziware enables you to become one step closer to the next level of digital transformation. The cutting-edge wearable CIMO device allows seamless connectivity with enterprise systems, more than 200 Android applications, and third-party IoT devices. It enables teams to collaborate in real time for informed decisions. As a result, it maximizes productivity, reduces downtime, and lowers costs. 


It’s Secure

Digital devices are vulnerable to cyber threats; therefore, they need to be secure. CIMO is one of the assisted reality solutions by Moziware with high-level security. The device is equipped with face recognition technology to authenticate the user. 


Other features that make CIMO by Moziware a standout in the wearable industry are listed below:

  • Two HDR cameras that allow multiple angles and feature zoom in/zoom out functionality 
  • Laser pointer for a clear focus on objects 
  • Hot-swappable battery to prevent downtime 
  • Extended battery pack for longer usage 
  • Video and voice chat technology for easy remote collaboration
  • Advanced AI-powered decisions for workforce empowerment
  • Data capture technology to retrieve structured and unstructured data in a digital format

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