Tips for Using AR Headsets in Hazardous Environments

Tips for Using AR Headsets in Hazardous Environments

There are three essential safety instructions for industrial workers using the Realwear HMT wearable AR headsets in hazardous environments, which must be followed to ensure compliance with safety measures and OH&S guidelines.

Decrease Dropping Risk When Working at Heights

Although the Realwear HMT headsets are drop-proof up to 2 meters, extra precautions should be taken to protect the device when working from a height. Industrial workers can use the following accessories for extra protection in hazardous environments:

  1. Secure the Realwear HMT-1 Headset to a Hard hat using compatible device clips
  2. Secure your Hard hat and device to your head using a chin strap
  3. Secure your Hard hat and device to your body using a belt clip

Hearing Protection in Noisy Environments

Realwear devices have a built-in noise cancellation system that can block noise up to 85 decibels, which allows workers to wear and use their AR Headsets in loud environments without distraction.

However, for environments over 85 Decibels such as mining sites, industrial workers have to wear hearing protection to protect their ears from damage. The Realwear device can be configured with hard hat clips and other accessories to allow space for hearing protection over the ears.

Moving the HMT-1 Micro Display Out of the Way

When the device is not in use it is important to move the device’s microdisplay out of the way to ensure complete situational awareness in hazardous environments. The boom arm with the microdisplay should be flipped back and underneath the AR headset, and brought back into position when required.

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