Top 6 Secrets that Make HMT-1Z1 the Best Wearable Device for Oil & Gas .

The RealWear HMT-1Z1 is the world’s first intrinsically safe head-mounted wearable computer. It meets the Class 1 Division 1 and ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 certifications – which means that it qualifies as a safe device with no risks of ignition under explosive atmospheres. This makes it ideal for use in the Oil & Gas industries.  

Did you know?   

RealWear’s intrinsically safe computer HMT-1Z1 has been shortlisted in the Hazardex 2020 Awards PPTex innovation category. This award recognizes the best innovation in Personnel Protection Technologies (PPT). It is defined as equipment that a frontline worker can use for better productivity and situational awareness within high-hazard industries.  

Hazardex awards are designed to provide recognition to deserving works in the hazardous area sector. Examples of worksites that come under the hazardous area sector include Oil rigs, Chemical plants, and Flour mills. These are some of the most dangerous industries on the planet.  

Safety in such factories and working environments is non-negotiable. Workers at these sites are literally face-to-face with combustible dust, flammable liquids, gases, and vapors every day. Therefore, every piece of equipment, appliance, and device used in this particular atmosphere must be non-inflammable and omit the slightest risk of mild explosions or even a single spark.   

More about the HMT-1Z1: How does it work?  

In functionality, HMT-1Z1 is similar to our flagship device HMT-1. The model is ideal for use in oil and gas operations in:  

  • Upstream, Midstream & Downstream Chemical Plants  
  • Aviation fueling  
  • Industrial gases supply  
  • Electric car battery servicing  

Moreover, it can be used in:  

  • Wet environments 
  • Dusty environments 
  • Hot environments 
  • Dangerous environments 
  • Loud Industrial environments  

It is a durable and sturdy device that can be attached to safety helmets or be snapped into bump caps whenever required. Along with that, it can also be used with corrective eyewear or safety glasses. All these options enable versatility and make the HMT-1Z1 one of the bestdevices on the market.  

Now, let’s go over the HMT-1Z1’s most interesting feature – its high-resolution micro-display. It views like a 7-inch tablet and fits just below the user’s line of sight. Designed just like an industrial dashboard, it is in front of you when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.  

Lastly, before we dive into the top 6 secrets that make the RealWear HMT-1Z1 the best wearable device out there for Oil & Gas – let’s discuss its best feature: 100% hands-free voice control.  

It works with powerful software applications in four core categories from our solution partners, each category being optimized for completely hands-free voice control. This enables users to carry out required tasks with simple voice commands only. No tapping, scrolling, or swiping. It can be used for:  

  • Remote mentor video calling  
  • Document navigation  
  • Guided workflow  
  • Mobile forms  
  • Industrial IoT data visualization  

Now, let’s discuss the top 6 secrets which make HMT-1Z1 the best wearable & intrinsically safe device out there for Oil & Gas:  

  Tailor-made for dangerous work sites.  

HMT-1Z1 is purpose-built for hazardous work environments like oil and gas industries. As compared to other AR headsets RealWear devices are designed to be the real-world focus first, digital focus second. In a research study conducted at Marquette University, it was observed that RealWear HMT-1® (our flagship device for non-restricted zones) did not reduce blink rate among industrial field workers. Especially in comparison to a more immersive augmented reality solution. This is a positive factor because a lower blink rate is a risk factor of eye strain, which may decrease situational awareness – an important part of an industrial field worker’s job description.  

  1. The best-selling HMT headsets!  

RealWear HMT headsets are the best-selling devices in their class. They are preferred over all other available options with over 18000 HMT units being sold including our flagship unit, the HMT-1, and the HMT 1Z1. We are proud to claim that after extensive practical testing our HMT headsets have proven to work in the real world, where it counts the most.  

  1. Long-lasting battery.  

The HMT 1Z1 has a battery that can last a full shift of 10 – 12 hours without the need for a recharge. This makes it the perfect wearable computer for workers in hazardous zones or field service technicians. In the industries that these HMT headsets are designed for, battery life matters a lot, and a long-lasting battery counts as a big plus.  

  1. Improve productivity & Situational Awareness.  

RealWear HMT headsets are innovatively designed, futuristic devices which increase employees’ productivity rate manifold. In addition to that, they also help maintain remarkable situational awareness which is crucial for field workers to carry out their work safely & successfully.  

Here are some real-world examples of how RealWear devices have helped boost productivity:  

  • Schlumberger saw a 33% improvement in maintenance efficiency when their workers used HMT devices.  
  • Saudi Aramco reported a 10% boost in workforce productivity for technicians equipped with HMT-1Z1® intrinsically safe computers.  
  • Shell introduced HMT-1Z1 to workers at 24 of its sites to cut the costs of flying experts there and back again.  

Your company can benefit from this too! Choose an HMT headset today & get help in just a few voice commands.  

  1. Cut down: Costs, Travel time & Unplanned downtime.  

HMT-1Z1 can help companies reduce costly travel time as well as decrease downtime. Using the HMT-1Z1 frontline workers can analyze machine health with IoT visualization and get real-time guidance from a Remote Mentor thousands of miles away, cutting down on costs and travel time. It helps workers avoid dealing with paper manuals as well as other documents and carry out their work without the hassle of going through conventional formalities.  

  1. Smartest design out there!  

The RealWear HMT-1Z1 is more than just a headset. It is one of the most innovative designs out there; Combining the rugged quality of a computer, the quick functions of a smartphone or tablet & the practicality required on a field into one compact device. An exemplary hybrid product of software & hardware solutions. It is fashioned with a “Say what you see” design philosophy – making workers get up and running within minutes. HMT-1Z1 is also lightweight, easy to wear & user-friendly.   

Now you know what makes the RealWear HMT-1Z1 the best wearable device for Oil & Gas industries.  

It shouldn’t surprise you that the Realwear HMT-1Z1 is the only intrinsically safe computer in its class!  

Yes, you read that right. HMT-1Z1 is still the only intrinsically safe computer approved for ATEX Zone 1, IECEx Zone 1, and CSA C1-D1 which is also voice-operated. Each one of these approvals indicates dangerous environments where explosions might occur under regular circumstances.   

The HMT-1Z1 however, eliminates such risks and continues to make worksites safe for front-line workers. It took RealWear 10+ years of design innovation to come up with a device that could withstand the most hazardous environments and dangerous jobs on the planet.   

Rugged. Ready. Smart. The HMT-1Z1 is the best tool for the job! 


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