Where is Assisted Reality being Utilised?

Assisted Reality

Assisted Reality is already being utilised in some of the biggest modern and technology-driven institutions in Australia. Therefore, Realtime AR has partnered with Realwear to bring industrial digitalisation to Australia in Industries such as:


On the factory floor, AR headsets can deliver hands-free, real-time data. Workers can view live feeds, instructions, diagrams, and video recordings of their colleagues’ work. By relying on overlaid images and instructions, new workers can become productive faster, and checklists and manuals can be accessed at any time.


Assisted Reality headsets allow all parties such as architects, builders, and specialists in certain trades to visualize and view the renders before construction. Blueprints are 3-D, and 3-D images can be superimposed over worksites, giving workers data to spot potential problems early. Architects and other engineers can collaborate with the construction site and workers remotely via video calls.

Maintenance and repairs

Head-mounted AR headsets overlay the internal functions of vehicles, planes, lifts and various machines, taking into account quick analysis of issues like faulty parts such as snapped wires or an overheating system. By using an AR headset, workers can access checklists and manuals without interrupting their work and solve the problem quickly on the first visit.

Warehouse operations

Workers wearing AR headsets are significantly more efficient and can coordinate rapid operations smoothly. Assisted Reality can help laborers even more proficiently load trucks and docks and can likewise follow a digital stock management guide, greatly increasing the efficiency of operations.

Oil and Gas

Head-mounted AR headsets have the capacity to project 3-D guides and checklists to assist with work on complicated tasks and to help prevent mistakes. Since this field of work has a high-risk potential, Assisted Reality is used to prepare labourers on what to do in possibly hazardous situations. As these industrial wearables are intrinsically safe for hazardous environments, industrial workers can easily opt for them during their potentially dangerous working conditions to seek expert guidance and ensure their own safety.

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