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"Longer time to hospitals in outer metropolitan regions of Australia leads to major delays in medical treatment"

Time to reach hospitals in Australia
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How It Works 

Connect specialists with clinicians in real-time via the next-generation Hippo Virtual Care Platform. It is a cutting-edge telehealth solution that facilitates remote collaboration and seamless communication. 

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Clinical Mobility with Hippo

Integrated with voice activation and hands-free technology, Hippo Virtual Care offers a wearable telehealth solution. It delivers a “see what I see” viewpoint, bridging the gap between remote observers and service providers. 

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Durable, Resilient & Lightweight

Dust-proof and water-resistant design, Hippo Virtual Care headset is a lightweight wearable telehealth solution with a perfect pocket fit. The headset is rugged and durable enough to survive a 1.5m drop test and works in harsh environment. It is IP66 rated and comes with extended battery pack to provide clinical teams with continuous 8-hour service.

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Smart & Powerful Remote Collaboration

Remote clinicians and observers get a true “see what I see” viewpoint via two high-resolution cameras that enhance visibility. The headset boasts advanced voice controls that allow users to be completely hands-free. Its advanced noise cancellation system works efficiently in noisy environments.

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Scalable with Cross-platform Integration

Hippo headsets digitally transform communication and collaboration between teams and experts by allowing them to connect with backend healthcare IT platforms. As a result, it increases productivity and enables users to make informed and logical decisions.

Key Features

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Highly Engaged Remote Collaboration

Remote observers get a "through the eyes of the clinician" viewpoint via the headset and can see and hear as if they were there in person via HD camera and advanced audio.
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GDPR and HIPPA Compliance

The HVC platform is built on industry-leading compliance and data security backbone with state-of-the-art encryption and advanced security features.
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Cross-Platform Integration

Easy integrations with popular videoconferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, and Skype.
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Asynchronous Video and Photo Capture

Users can record videos and capture photos synchronously and asynchronously. Files are stored in a secure gallery accessible through the web portal for all approved users.

Case Studies

Digitally Transform Your Healthcare Workforce

Provide better healthcare access to remote communities. Be a part of the change. 

Areas of Application

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Remote Consultations

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Remote Training

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Medical Equipment Maintenance

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First Responders

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Smart Ward Rounds

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Smart Surgery

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Remote Follow-up

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Home Visits

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Emergency Management


Virtual care allows healthcare experts to provide services to patients remotely via digital tools, such as video calls and text messages. Some people confuse telehealth with virtual care. However, the former creates the means to form a connection.

Firstly, the shift toward digital solutions has enabled healthcare facilities to ease the pressure on medical staff and allow efficiency in medical outcomes. Secondly, digital health implementation assists in improving health services in remote areas. Lastly, it improves the doctor-patient relationship and enhances trust and transparency.  

The deployment of Hippo wearable solutions is not confined to healthcare facilities. It has a broader scope with several applications, such as in the aged-care facilities, remote sites, classrooms, and field.  

  • Enables medical services in regional communities. 
  • Saves traveling costs by eliminating the need for travel. 
  • Reduces patient waiting times.
  • Provides expert assistance to nurses and paramedics 
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