CIMO by Moziware

Catalyzing digital transformation in the industrial sector, CIMO brings the latest voice-activated and data-capture technology to empower your frontline staff. Moziware, in distribution partnership with Realtime AR, has introduced the world’s lightest wearable headset: CIMO. It offers assisted reality technology that transforms on-site operations and sets a benchmark for remote collaboration and digital workflows.

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Key Features:

Lightweight Design: CIMO by Moziware features a light and compact build factor. The AR head-mounted device weighs only 155 gm, which allows users to work comfortably in any situation.

Smart: CIMO by Moziware boasts two high-dynamic range intelligent cameras with optical image stabilization for improved visibility and enhanced perspective. The headset also has intuitive voice controls, eliminating any requirement for hand-held devices on site and enabling organizations to adhere to employee safety standards. 

Industry-leading security and smart connectivity CIMO offers fingerprint recognition for users to authenticate and allows the integration of more than 200 third-party applications and wearables. It allows faster and more seamless remote collaboration and facilitates organizations in making informed decisions.

CIMO headset comes with:

  • Industrial noise cancellation
  • Dual cameras
  • Laser pointer
  • AR display module
  • Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled
  • Adjustable boom arms
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Battery pack for extended capabilities

For more information and a description of the CIMO device, download the datasheet for CIMO here.

Weight 155 g
Dimensions 150 × 85 × 55 mm