MSA V-Gard® Front Brim Hard Hat with RealWear Logo

Secure your field technicians and remote workers with RealWear compatible hard hats so they can get increased productivity from the RealWear technology without compromising their safety. 


RealWear compatible hard hats use purpose-designed clips to attach to the HMT-1, HMT-1Z1 and the RealWear Navigator TM 500. These clips are sold differently and can be purchased directly from Realtime AR.  


The RealWear hard hat shown on this page is the MSA V-GARD® FRONT BRIM with RealWear branding on it. We also have custom branding available for your Realwear hard hat. Therefore, if you want your brand to appear on the RealWear hard hat, get in touch with us today. Additional charges apply.


If you have helmets other than MSA, we can arrange the attachments clips for you. If you are looking for different f Realwear Compatible Hard Hats, please get in touch(link) with us today, one of our sales representatives will be in touch with you shortly.



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What models support Realwear compatible hard hats?

All RealWear head mounted devices are designed to ensure the safety of the field workers. Therefore, all three models – the HMT-1, HMT-1Z1 and RealWear Navigator TM 500 – can be mounted on the hard hats.


What are some other brands that are compatible with Realwear head mounted tablets?

Apart from MSA V-GARD® Front Brim, the following models are supported – MSA V-GARD® Full Brim, MSA V-GARD® Front Brim Top Mount for Ear Defenders, 3M H-700 Front Brim, 3M Peltor G300 Front Brim, Honeywell North Zone N-10 Front Brim, Honeywell North The K-2 A29 Front Brim, Honeywell North Zone N-20 Full Brim, Petzl Alveo, Petzel Vertzx and Progard Advantage 1 Front Brim. 


How do RealWear devices attach with the safety helmets?

All RealWear models attach to the safety helmets with the help of the hard hat clips. One end of these clips affixes to the head mounted tablet, whereas the other end attaches to the helmet.


Is the MSA V-GARD® safe for hazardous areas?

Yes. The MSA V-Gard® Front Brim Hard Hat with RealWear Logo shown on this page is intrinsically safe (IS approved). Therefore, these safety helmets can be used in Mines, Oil and Gas, and Chemicals industries.  


Can I mount the Realwear devices without Realwear compatible hard hats?

Yes, you can. If your workers don’t require safety helmets on their job sites, you can mount the RealWear devices using the Realwear Workband, attach it to the Baseball cap or simply use it with a bump cap. If you are unsure, get in touch with us today to see all the mounting options.  


We do have the hard hats; can we just buy the clips?

Of course, you can. If you own MSA V-GARD® FRONT BRIM, please navigate here (hard hat link here). Alternatively, please leave an inquiry here (contact us page link) so with your requirements so that our team can back to you. Please note, not all hard hat clips are the same. They are different for different hard hat brands. Therefore, please confirm the brand and model of your hard hat before ordering.


I need to purchase. How do I order?

Kindly leave your details through the Contact Us section or simply use the ‘Request Price and Shipping Quote’ form above. Our sales team with be in touch shortly. 



Weight 386 g
Dimensions 279 × 228 × 152 mm