Transforming Remote Collaboration with Smart Wearables

Evolving workplace dynamics, specifically post-pandemic, augment the need for effective collaboration with remote teams. Providing safe and secure ways to keep remote teams connected has also become essential for modern businesses. Smart wearables offer transformative remote collaboration solutions that facilitate organisations to connect their frontline teams with remote experts in real-time.


Mobility Restrictions and Soaring Costs

In most cases, travelling to and from remote sites is expensive and is a time taking process. It leads to huge downtimes and longer time to repair, which is not favourable, especially for business-critical operations.

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Face-to-face training sessions require great investments to deliver key learning outcomes. Despite the incredible effectiveness, these sessions are less flexible and require extensive pre-planning. Most industries are also faced with slower knowledge transfer processes due to an ageing workforce and skills gap challenges, which augments the need for a modern solution for remote collaboration.


Equipment Downtime

Unexpected equipment downtime directly impacts the business and the overall customer experience. Research estimates that the production sector bears a loss of $50 billion annually due to unexpected downtime. Apart from financial costs, breakdowns also cause a loss of workers’ time and delay in other on-site operations.

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Solution : Remote collaboration in real-time

The remote collaboration between the subject matter expert and the frontline worker is one of the ways to keep remote teams connected, and it is achievable with our cutting-edge wearable technology. Our range of device all feature high-resolution cameras and are supported by AR video collaboration platforms that allow mentors to help with faster equipment fixes. It omits the need for field workers to wait for a subject matter expert to arrive and fix on-site.

The hands-free capability also maintains workers’ safety and removes hindrances to provide a seamless collaboration experience. This enables experts to conduct remote inspections and audits without needing to be physically present on-site, which ultimately becomes a convenient alternative to reducing travel costs and improving efficiency.

It helps address the challenges businesses face in the retiring workforce and the increased skills gap. The deployment of voice-enabled assisted reality solutions decreases the need for face-to-face training and enables mentors to transfer knowledge and key insights to new talent.

Key Benefits

Enhanced workers’ safety

Allowing handheld smart devices on a site is not safe. Industries with a hazardous working environment require a solution that assists in remote collaboration without compromising workers’ safety. Our remote collaboration devices are 100% voice controlled. Hence, they offer a true hands-free experience to the frontline workers.

Quality remote inspection

Real-time collaboration via smart wearables has enabled quality remote inspection. High-resolution cameras, HD displays and video collaboration software have allowed mentors to conduct high-quality remote inspection and audit sessions more efficiently without the need to be physically present on an industrial site. Remote inspection results in seamless operations and higher efficiency.

Digital transformation

The deployment of the latest AR Remote collaboration technology allows organisations to transform digitally and future-proof their business models. Smart wearables are the catalysts of change in this regard; they facilitate the automation of work processes and streamline communication and collaboration with geographically dispersed teams and experts.


What is remote collaboration? 

Remote collaboration refers to the process of engaging geographically dispersed teams and experts. It omits the need for employees to work in the same physical space and facilitates digital transformation within organizations.

Why is remote collaboration important? 

Remote collaboration plays an essential role in streamlining communication between on-field technicians and experts. It addresses distance limitations, specifically for organizations with remote sites. Remote collaboration helps in reducing travelling time, cost, and the carbon footprint associated with travelling.

How to keep a remote team connected?

Assisted reality solutions facilitate mentors to conduct remote inspections. The solution typically involves a wearable headset such as Moziware Cimo and a specialised remote collaboration application.

How can Realtime AR assist with Remote Collaboration?

Realtime AR is a team of digital transformation consultants with a specialisation in AR remote collaboration solutions. We offer end-to-end solutions involving the right hardware, software, and connectivity options to enable Remote Collaboration for your frontline workers. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project today.

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