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The RealWear HMT-1 & Navigator 500 are two of the best-assisted reality, hand-free devices offering assisted reality solutions to industries across the globe. Companies can now boost workers’ productivity even more by choosing the best software applications for their workers. This will enable enterprises to optimize our voice-enabled devices up to their full potential for maximum benefit. 


How Choosing the Best Software Applications Helps Enterprises? 

When a company handpicks software according to its specific needs & requirements – It is basically offering its employees a tailor-made solution for the frontline. This will roll out a number of advantages for the company. Both, in the short & long run.  Some of these benefits are: 

  • Instant Productivity Gains 
  • Cost Effective 
  • Reduced Downtime 
  • Minimum Room for Errors 


Remote Collaboration Apps 

Remote Collaboration is one of the most sought-after solutions for our devices. The reason is that it’s user-friendly, relatively simple, and ensures faster, better, & quicker completion of jobs through real-time video feeds. Here is a list of some common video-sharing use cases: 

  • Inspecting your work for quality 
  • Troubleshooting a problem collaboratively 
  • Showing a machine to an expert remotely 
  • Training new workers 
  • Live Remote Assistance 
  • Annotation 
  • Document Sharing 
  • Knowledge Transfer 

The video collaboration apps available are similar but have distinct features. Hence, it is vital to research the software and choose the best one per your particular needs & preferences. You will find that some solutions are designed for specific use cases while others are multipurpose. 

Being the AR leaders in ANZ and South Pacific, we work closely with a number of software vendors to bring you the best-in-class solutions.  Every solution has been optimized for Real Wear’s wearable computers: Realwear Navigator 500, HMT-1 & HMT-1Z1. 


1. TeamViewer Frontline 

Formerly Ubimax, TeamViewer Frontline offers the ability to connect your office site with your field techs. It allows expert users to control the wearable headsets allowing them to zoom, annotate and capture images.  

2. Telepresenz 

Telepresenz can connect your teams; Irrespective of their location, and provide them with timely help. It has made a pledge to facilitate customers & users in every possible manner. According to the company, you can begin operating within a matter of a few seconds. 

3. Atheer 

Atheer’s platform is used by firms in manufacturing, aviation, automotive, and many other industries to deliver remote training and learning via the web and mobile devices. 

According to Amar Dhaliwal, CEO of Atheer, “In a short span of time, we have found ourselves in a different version of reality. Millions of people’s daily lives have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has elevated safety to the top of our list of worries.” 

 4. AMA 

AMA is helping organizations from the health sector to accelerate their smart workplace transition process. 

Any small, medium or big business in industries like manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, or even education can benefit greatly from our market-leading innovation, first-rate support, and appealing total cost of ownership. The XpertEye system tackles a wide range of applications, including workflow management, scheduling, video conferencing, and remote diagnostics. 

 5. Librestream 

Librestream’s Onsight platform helps companies decrease their carbon footprint and improve frontline workers’ safety. Hundreds of leading aviation, defense, manufacturing, energy, and inspection companies are using this application. The company offers a free program to help businesses overcome distance barriers and keep workers safe. 

6. Microsoft Teams 

A complimentary 6-month Office 365 E1 Trial, including Microsoft Teams, is now available in March 2020. In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, Microsoft is making this special E1 Trial license available.  

Microsoft announced last Thursday that it is optimizing Microsoft Teams, the company’s fastest-growing app, for RealWear HMT-1Z1 (for potentially explosive environments) and HMT-1 (for other extreme or dangerous environments such as field services, offshore drilling, and difficult-to-reach locations).

We hope you liked this brief overview of the leading software applications to be used with RealWear HMT-1, Navigator 500, and the HMT-1Z1. 

7. Zoom

Zoom is an innovative software application that enables frictionless communication with video as its foundation. RealWear’s assisted reality devices are enabled by Zoom to enhance remote communication between field workers and experts. Zoom-enabled assisted reality solutions to provide users with access to real-time communication, hands-free experience, and frictionless assistance to remote workers.   

We hope you liked this brief overview of the leading software applications to be used with RealWear HMT-1, Navigator 500 and the HMT-1Z1. 

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