Does Assisted Reality help Industrial Workers?

Assisted Reality for industrial workers


By using Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses, industrial workers receive contextual information in their field of vision. The statistics have shown productivity and efficiency of industrial workers have significantly improved using this technology.

Assisted Reality empowers the Industrial workforce. Industrial workers have access to relevant information in the form of smart data such as instructions, images, videos, etc. With the hands-free ability of the device, it ensures safety in hazardous areas and allows technicians to work faster. These qualities are transforming the way industrial workers carry out manufacturing, assembling, operating, installing, and servicing products.

Industrial Usage of Augmented/ Virtual Reality

Industrial workers benefit from: 

  • Working hands-free
  • Collaborating remotely 
  • Worker training 
  • Assisted product assembly or installations 
  • Using Rugged built technology (drop proof)

The applications of assisted reality are limitless. Partnered with RealWear, Realtime AR offers assisted reality wearable devices that are equipped with a high-definition camera that can be used to capture images or videos from the wearer’s perspective.

RealWear HMT-1, HMT-1Z1, and Navigator 500 devices support remote collaboration between industrial workers and remote experts in all working conditions.

The wearables offer hands-free verification and visual documentation, enabling workers to identify problems in seconds rather than through costly trial and error.

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