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Freedom never tasted quite as good before.

Better than a tablet.
Smarter than glass.

The HMT-1 has a completely hands-free voice-controlled user interface allowing workers to operate the tools and equipment needed for the job, even if climbing a scaffold or tower. Allowing the worker to maintain full situational awareness and maximum productivity, HMT-1 is faster, safer and smarter then either a tablet or smart glasses.

Empower Your People

Designed for various industries to provide your workforce with a device that ease their work and improve output and efficiency.

Learn how the HMT-1 is purpose-built for industries in this video.

Do more, and do it better.

Productivity is not about working harder. It’s about working smarter every day. Every aspect of the HMT-1 was built to enhance your workforce’s performance.

Your hands are not only free, you will also have all the computing power you will need at your fingertips.

Compliance & Safety

Safety is the top concern of every industry.
The HMT-1 is designed with safety in mind to help keep your eyes up and your hands on the job, with 100% situational awareness.

100% hands free

Voice based operations with local speech recognition


IP66 rated – protected against heavy seas and powerful jets of water

Dust tight

IP66 rated – complete protection against micro-particles

Drop resistant

Resistant to 2 meter drops onto concrete from any angle

Built for versatility.

Clip onto a hardhat, or simply onto your bump cap. The HMT1 works magic regardless of your environment and work wear.

Redefining “Training”

Embracing technology to be industry-leading in the training space has never been more accessible. The new generation of industrial workforce learns by video, and they learn fast. The HMT-1 is built to move knowledge across a workforce in minutes.

The best listener at work.

With unmatched speech recognition, the HMT-1 uses four microphones and advanced algorithms to perform noise cancellation prior to voice recognition.

Workers can navigate applications and enter text and numbers just by speaking in a normal voice with accurate performance even in 95 dBA of typical industrial noise.

There’s no need for a wake-up word. HMT-1 rugged Android tablet is always listening. You’ll hear the trademark chirp tone and see immediate on-screen confirmation of successful voice recognition.

Without RealWear’s Speech Extraction Algorithm

Using RealWear’s Speech Extraction Algorithm

The best noise-cancellation technology in the business.


The only head mounted computer on the planet approved for ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1.