See The Invisible

Explore the highly detailed thermal images via thermal and visual spectrums with RealWear Thermal camera. Seamlessly switch between the spectrums with a high-quality 48 MP sensor and a thermal sensor and see what’s invisible to your eyes.

Realwear Thermal Camera

Top Features

  • Visible Sensor

    48 MP

  • Thermal Sensor

    FLIR Lepton® 3.5

  • Still Image


  • Video

    Full HD video with up to 60 fps

Thermal by FLIR

RealWear Thermal camera module utilizes the thermal technology developed and manufactured by FLIR Systems, Inc. It’s the world’s first thermal camera module featuring FLIR’s patented imaging technology – MSX and voice-activation technology. Enhance the Navigator 500 or Navigator 520 capabilities and see through the thermal range. 

Visual image portrayal of Realwear Thermal Camera
Visual Image
Thermal image portrayal of Realwear Thermal Camera
Thermal Image
Blend image portrayal of Realwear Thermal Camera
Blend Image (low/high)
MSX Enhanced image portrayal of Realwear Thermal Camera
MSX® Enhanced Image

Empower Your Senses

Allow yourself to see beyond the visual spectrum and enable infrared vision which the human eye cannot see naturally. Witness highly detailed thermal images with a RealWear thermal camera module. See a standard image, thermal image, blend image or MSX-enhanced image to get clarity in every situation. Drive your focus towards work with an interrupted hands-free experience, which allows frontline workers to communicate without using their hands and seamlessly see between the visible and invisible spectrum.

Voice Activated 100%
Low-Light Support 100%
IP66 100%
Full-Shift Battery 100%
Fully Modular Camera 100%
Thermal Camera Module by Realwear

Use Cases


Realwear Thermal Camera Closeup


What is the Realwear Navigator Thermal Camera Module?

It’s an attachment for Realwear Navigator headsets, providing real-time thermal imaging for enhanced situational awareness.

The Thermal Camera module is only compatible with the RealWear Navigator™ 500 series devices.

Yes, you can. Thermal Module is compatible with all the RealWear Navigator™ models.

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