World’s first intrinsically safe wearable computer.

With Class 1 Division 1 and ATEX Zone 1 certifications.

No chill.

Temperature proof for work in the coldest climates.

No sweat.

While you are battling the heat during a hot summer, your HMT-1Z1 will still be performing at its peak.

No leak.

With its IP66 rating, you can work with it out at sea or in the wettest conditions without a worry.

No hazard.

ATEX Zone 1 & IECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1 certified. Safe to use in potentially explosive environments.

No problem.

Your HMT-1Z1 recognizes your voice and operates fully hands-free. Now that’s literally at your command.

Intrinsically safe.

HMT-1Z1 is the only wearable tough tablet on the planet approved for ATEX Zone 1, IECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1.

Intrinsically designed.

The ATEX approved HMT-1Z1 has been purpose built for the worker who needs to go anywhere, work anywhere, and stay connected.

With Class 1 Division 1 and ATEX Zone 1 certifications.

Industry focused.

Designed from the ground up for industrial use, the HMT-1Z1 conveniently clips onto your hardhat.

Intrinsically smart.

Forget tablets. It’s time to free your hands for work and experience wearable technology that really do make a difference.

The best listener at work.

With unmatched speech recognition, the HMT-1 uses four microphones and advanced algorithms to perform noise cancellation prior to voice recognition.

Workers can navigate applications and enter text and numbers just by speaking in a normal voice with accurate performance even in 95 dBA of typical industrial noise.

There’s no need for a wake-up word. HMT-1 rugged Android tablet is always listening. You’ll hear the trademark chirp tone and see immediate on-screen confirmation of successful voice recognition.

Without RealWear’s Speech Extraction Algorithm

Using RealWear’s Speech Extraction Algorithm

The best noise-cancellation technology in the business.

100% hands free

Voice based operations with local speech recognition


IP66 rated – protected against heavy seas and powerful jets of water

Dust tight

IP66 rated – complete protection against micro-particles

Drop resistant

Resistant to 2 meter drops onto concrete from any angle

Intrinsically productive.

Activate photo or video recording with voice commands. Live stream footage anywhere in the world for expert feedback and guidance.

Video optimized for streaming

Up to 1080p at 30 frames per second. Hardware encoding for H.264 for low-bandwidth areas.

Purpose-built camera

Stable IP66 camera with LED Light. 16 megapixel, 4-image stabilized.

Intrinsically rugged.

Rated for ATEX Zone 1, IECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1 use.

Outdoor display

Projects size of 7” Android tough tablet, viewable even on the brightest day under the sun.