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Moziware Cimo Head-Mounted Computer Products

Realtime AR has partnered with Moziware to introduce the cutting-edge assisted reality solution to transform field operations. The pocket-sized Moziware CIMO features the latest voice-activated data capture technology that makes any user a virtual expert. With CIMO, experts from various industries can now leverage the potential of remote collaboration and expand the capabilities of their frontline workers using its voice and video chat technology along with an advanced AI-powered decision support system. 

Light Weight & Durable

Moziware CIMO features a compact design and weighs only 155 grams so that your frontline workers complete tasks without feeling any additional weight on their heads. IP66 rating and adjustable boom arm folds make it an industrial rugged device. CIMO also features an extended battery pack and the highest comfort ratings to suit different working requirements. 

Moziware Cimo on a hand
Moziware cimo realtime

Smart and Powerful

CIMO equips dual intelligent cameras that users can easily switch. While the main camera is 16MP with 4-axis optical image stabilization and laser spotlight, the front camera is 8MP with 1st field and see-through views. The efficient wearable device recognizes voice commands from a user, enabling them to remain hands-free and perform tasks with all due diligence.

Versatile and Scalable

The device can seamlessly connect with enterprise systems, more than 200 applications and third-party IoT devices, enhancing remote collaboration in real-time. As a result, it allows users to make faster and more informed decisions for maximized productivity and optimized workflows.

Moziware Cimo Camera
Moziware Cimo close view

Industry-Leading Security & Durability

The wearable device features an industry-leading and enterprise-class security system. It has a fingerprint login for user authentication and improved data security. Its water- and drop-resistant properties increase the strength and maximize the device’s ability to withstand harsh working conditions.

Moziware Cimo Features

Moziware Cimo Features

Application Industry

The device creates a digitally enabled workforce and improves remote collaboration. Following are the application areas of CIMO by Moziware:

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Oil and Gas

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Food & Drinks

Moziware Cimo mounted on a hard hat

The world’s first pocket-sized wearable computer for remote collaboration and data capture. Learn how it can be yours.


You can contact us at to request a quote for Cimo by Moziware. Our Sales at RealtimeAR will reach out to you and answer all your queries regarding the product & pricing. 

Moziware Connect is a software tool that can help you project the device’s display screen onto your personal Windows computer. It enables remote operation through your PC controls and allows downloading new apps on the device. 

Weighing only 155g, Cimo by Moziware is the world’s lightest wearable smart glass. It is extremely portable and cost-effective, thus making it highly scalable. It comes with two cameras that offer a true see-what-I-see experience to remote viewers. 

Cimo is IP66 rated, due to which it is water-resistant and dust-tight.  

Cimo by Moziware has a built-in voice recognition system and offers a user-friendly voice-driven interface to facilitate a completely hands-free experience. 

Yes. Since Moziware Cimo works on the standard Android operating system, you can install a third-party application on the device to make audio and video calls in real-time.  

Yes, we are Moziware’s first certified trainer globally. Get in touch with us today to inquire about our Cimo training programs.   

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