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Introducing DigiLens ARGO™ — the future of wearable computing. ARGO smartglasses feature our best-in-class crystal waveguides with industry-leading minimal eye glow and a small footprint, resulting in a more user-friendly and socially acceptable product.

Digilens Argo smart glasses
Digilens ARGO smart glasses key features

Benefits of digilens argo

The DigiLens difference: we’re delivering smartglasses with scalability and quality at a cost-effective price point for enterprise and industrial lite workers.
Cost Reduction icon

Reduce costs

Save money by overcoming the barriers of time, distance, and training to deliver expertise when and where it’s needed most.
Workforce scaling icon

Scale your workforce

Extend the availability and capacity of your workforce through remote training and real-time supervision.
Productivity improvement icon

Improve productivity

Increase workforce productivity, reduce down time, and minimize delays through remote collaboration.
Remote expertise icon

Remote expert

Enable real-time access to remote experts for training, guidance, supervision, and quality assurance.
Improved safety icon

Improve safety

Increase situation awareness through real-time connectivity to environmental and other sensor platforms and devices.
Working smarter icon

Work smarter

Blend the digital and physical worlds with access to real-time data visualizations.

Powering the leading brands in the world of AR

CES 2023 Innovation Award


Virtual & Augmented Reality, Wearable Technologies

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Display icon


Efficiency and uniformity

Compute icon


Standalone full mobile compute

Camera icon


Photorealistic image quality

Audio icon


Multiple microphones designed to pick up the user’s voice in a noisy environment

Connectivity icon


Ability to use the device in any environment

Design and safety icon

Design & Safety

Rugged industrial and enterprise design with socially-acceptable form factor

UI/UX icon


First XR/AR device ever purposefully built for enterprise and industrial lite workers, designed to be hands-free and body position independent with voice and gaze recognition

DigiOS icon


Fully-integrated compatibility for the future of mobile computing

Digilens ARGO side view

Use Cases

ARGO improves communication and collaboration by creating a digitally-enabled workforce across a range of industries, empowering frontline workers from the field to the operating room.


A physician standing in the hospital wearing a mask on his face


A woman standing in an industry looking at the blueprint


A man standing in the logistics department with cartons

Military & Defence

Front view of digilens argo


telecommunication transmitter tower with antennas

Other Industries

transportation and logistics

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RealtimeAR are the first and the only Digilens Visualize Program Partner in the ANZ and South Pacific regionWe are amongst the first ones to bring this technology to help achieve your digitisation goals. 

  • A camera that gives photorealistic quality 
  • Fully uniform and efficient display 
  • Rugged industrial design 
  • Integrated with DigiOS 
  • Next-generation XR mobile platform 
  • Top-class crystal waveguides 
  • Minimal eye glow 
  • See-through augmented reality display

According to Digilens, “leveraging an integrated dual-axis architecture that uses multiple overlapping diffractive grating layers, these waveguides are changing the face of head-worn. With premier colour, brightness and contrast, the Crystal50 is perfect to couple with spatial computing technologies that allow for indoor and outdoor gaming, entertainment, and 3D viewing.” 

It improves communication and collaboration by establishing a digitally enabled workforce across multiple industries and empowering workers.

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