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We offer in-depth End User and Train the Trainer training sessions so that you can master the RealWear and the Moziware Platform. Become the AR expert today.

We are world’s first certified and approved Moziware trainers. 

Get yourself and your team trained with our recognised and certified RealWear and Mzoware trainers. We offer highly interactive training sessions so that you can become an expert HMT user. All our training sessions are conducted digitally in a hands-on setting with an optimal group size of 8 or less. The sessions can be purchased à la carte by course. Similarly, complete 2-day or 3-day sessions are also available if you are looking to master the Assiated Reality technology. Please fill the form below to get started!

Why Choose Our

Training Programs?

Certified Trainers

Realtime AR has one of the most experienced Moziware and RealWear certified trainers

Access to Training Resources

Get preprepared training materials for yourself and your team.

Accelerate Deployments

Expand and accelerate your deployments 

Course Breakdown

  • Basic Device Training:
  • Product Introduction
  • Hardware Overview
  • Device Fitting & Mounting
  • Safety & Sanitation
  • Global Voice Commands
  • Photos/Videos
  • Accessing Files
  • RW Companion
  • Getting Connected
  • Power Users:
  • Advanced Settings & Controls
  • File Management
  • Realwear Explorer
  • Software Maintenance
  • Third Party Application:
  • Log in/Sign off Process
  • File Management
  • Software UI/Menu
  • Feature Walk Thru
  • First Time Use: Completing the intended
  • Work task from A-Z

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