Operate Cimo With Moziware SmartWatch

Moziware CIMO smart watch
Screen mirroring capabilities with Moziware Connect
Stay connected with a 4G LTE network and WiFi connectivity
Easy browsing with a 2.88” large screen
2300 mAh battery supports long working hours

Maximize the Utilization of your CIMŌ Device

Moziware SmartWatch

Moziware Smart Watch is a step forward in wearable technology featuring the competence of a computer in a watch. Connect it with Moziware cımō using Moziware Connect ™ for an enhanced experience. Experience the digital revolution at your fingertip within your arm’s reach.

Moziware CIMO smart watch along with moziware ecosystem

SmartWatch Key Features

Moziware CIMO smart watch integration with Moziware CIMO wearable device

Experience the Moziware Ecosystem!

The Moziware ecosystem encompasses a comprehensive range of products and services, ensuring a seamless experience for users. From the cutting-edge wearable headset, Moziware Cimo, to the head-mounted smart camera, HMC 100, and the Moziware Smart Watch, alongside the mobile device management system, EMMA, Moziware provides a one-stop-shop solution to empower your workforce. Contact us today for experience the Moziware ecosystem today.

Moziware Ecosystem

Explore the benefits of including the Moziware SmartWatch In the Digital Ecosystem

Battery icon

2300 mAh battery

Long battery life ensures continuous support for the frontline workforce

Wireless icon

Wireless Connectivity

Supports a nano sim, 4G network, bluetooth and WiFi

User Interface icon

Intuitive User Interface

User-focused interface for non-stop operations

touchscreen display icon

2.88” TFT touchscreen display

Large screen in wearable technology to an enhanced view

screen mirror icon

Screen Mirroring Facility

Share screen with team members for information sharing, guidance and support

development icon

Access Apps & Tools

Download apps and use tools on the spot to make workflow smoother

empower icon

Empower Moziware Cimo

Empower cimo with a Moziware smartwatch for better control and operations

integration icon

Integration with other wearables

Easily connect with Cimo and other Moziware, Android and Windows devices

Industry worker holding Moziware CIMO device in hand


What is the benefit of using the Moziware smartwatch?

The Moziware smartwatch and Cimo offer a more integrated, hand-free experience as compared to tablets, laptops or other handheld devices. Together, the smartwatch and Moziware Smart Camera provide a large screen view, an easy browsing option, barcode scanning and many other features, crucial for the complete digital transformation of any industry.

Yes, Moziware Smart Watch can be used with Moziware CIMO by using the screen mirroring functionality offered by Moziware Connect.

Moziware Smartwatch is not a daily wear smartwatch used for sports or fitness tracking, rather it is an industrial-scale wearable computer to support collaboration among teams and data capturing.

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Moziware CIMO Smart watch

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