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Moziware CIMO Head Mounted Smart Camera HMC100

Empower your work with mōziware HMC100. Collaborate seamlessly, improve work efficiency and stay safe as you see through details with a powerful laser-guided 16 MP camera, record videos, and operate hands-free from wherever you are. Wirelessly connect with other devices using mōziware connect™. The portable and comfortable design, extended battery capacity, enhanced durability and light weight make the headset serviceable in multiple industrial environments. The multi-language support, 32 GB internal storage, drop and water resistance, and innovative sensing and control features make the HMC100 head-mounted smart camera the best companion in the field.

Lightweight & Durable

Comfortable to wear and up to 2m drop and water resistant. 

Intelligent Terminal Operations

Wirelessly connect with a smart watch or Android phone through an app.

Smart Sensing

Location and heart rate sensing, fall detection and facial recognition.

Active Noise Cancellation

Reduced distractions and improved concentration and communications with active noise cancellation technology.

Moziware Head Mounted Smart Camera HMC100

HD Camera with Class 2 Laser Pointer

16 MP camera with flashlight and laser pointer for accurate on-site photos and video.

Full Voice Control

Set smart control with voice commands.

Long Battery Life

4-hour uninterrupted work with Internal 750 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery. External battery supported for extended durations.

Advanced Security Features

Experience industry-leading security authentication using fingerprinting and facial recognition.

Smart Camera interconnection with MoziConnect.
Moziware Head Mounted Smart Camera HMC100

About mōziware

mōzıware is a pioneer in accelerating digital transformation through leading-edge wearable technologies and solutions for the industrial sector and beyond.
Our mission is to create an ecosystem of solutions that leverage Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT) technologies to empower executives and frontline workers to make smarter, safer, and faster decisions, resulting in increased productivity, improved safety, optimized workflows, and reduced costs.

HMC-100 Head Mounted Smart Camera By mōziware

Embrace the advancements in wearable tech with HMC-100 Head Mounted Camera by mōziware. Collaborate seamlessly, work safely and make decisions efficiently as HMC-100 connects frontline workers with subject matters experts. Head-free operations allow uninterrupted workflows and real-time connectivity cut down unnecessary work delays. Accurately capture images and videos with a laser guided camera and share them right away.

HMC-100 Head Mounted Smart Camera By mōziware

HMC100 Industrial Applications

Every industry requires enabled workforce to enhance productivity . Here’s the list of industries that can leverage the HMC100 head-mounted smart camera application in their daily operations.

Security worker wearing HMC 100
Woman working in a laboratory wearing Moziware Head Mounted Smart Camera HMC 100
oil and gas worker wearing moziware HMC 100
Industry worker holding Moziware CIMO device in hand


What is the HMC100 head-mounted smart camera?

The head mounted smart camera is a wearable camera manufactured by Moziware that is 100% hands free.  It assists workers in capturing information and enhances collaboration with teams remotely.

HMC100 has various applications across multiple industries. It is used for quality control, process inspection, verifying correct assembly and more. It can seamlessly enhance remote collaboration, increase accessibility to expertise and help front-line workers in day-to-day operations.

The benefits of the head mounted camera include enhanced efficiency, safety, accuracy, and improved quality control process. Wearable head mounted smart camera also help reduce down time, minimise inconsistencies, and omit the need for manual inspections.

Moziware CIMO Head Mounted Smart Camera HMC100

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