The future of Assisted Reality: The RealWear Navigator ™ 500

The fourth industrial revolution is driven by a rapid increase in interconnectivity and automation in manufacturing. It entails the ever-growing inclination toward data exchange and automation trends, including technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, augmented reality, cloud computing, and many others. However, there is another technological disruption that is known to drive the fourth industrial revolution – assisted reality (aR). 

 Before we dive into the blog post, let’s briefly discuss what assisted reality is. The technology includes a hands-free, head-mounted device with which a user is able to view additional information on the screen. These devices are one of the practical and convenient solutions in different situations, specifically for front-line workers who work in harsh conditions. The new technology has disrupted and transformed the ways industries work. It has posed a significant influence on the dynamics of frontline and field workers in different industries, including manufacturing, automotive and healthcare. Its capabilities like context-based support and hands-free assistance have brought assisted reality under the spotlight and garnered attention from multiple industries. 

 Coming to assisted reality solutions on the market, RealWear has been introducing cutting-edge breakthroughs in the industry. RealWear is known to fully exploit the benefits of assisted reality and elevate its applications to a whole new level.  

 We acknowledge the importance of field workers’ safety. That is why, our goal has always been to introduce solutions that do keep the cognitive focus of users intact. While RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 have been an absolute success in the corporate world, we have recently introduced the future of assisted reality – RealWear Navigator™ 500. It is more than a new iteration with new features; it is a generational shift in ways organizations will facilitate their frontline workers. We have designed the next-generation assisted reality solution keeping in view the feedback from more than 5000 enterprise participants who have been using RealWear’s products. 

 RealWearNavigator ™ 500 – Built for Productivity. Designed for Safety.  

 RealWear is the ruggedized assisted reality solution specifically designed to engage, empower and elevate field workers. It also enables to connect and collaborate with remote workers, reducing downtime, improving quality, elevating employee productivity and maximizing returns on investment. RealWear Navigator ™ 500 is based on four key features to enhance performance levels, improve the safety of frontline staff, accelerate productivity and improve business outcomes. 

Safety and comfort – Our ultimate goals 

The new-generation assisted reality solution features full-shift, hands-free assistance for safety and comfort. The modular design of the head-worn device is lightweight so that frontline workers can easily work wearing it all day long. Moreover, it also ensures to streamline tasks without any disruptions with its hot-swap battery feature. 

Modern design to fit technological advancements 

RealWear Navigator ™ 500 has a revolutionary modular design that enables the users to swap out the camera, display and modem to modify the wearable assisted solution and futureproof it to suit upcoming technological disruptions. The modular design has become a revolutionary epitome of flexibility for deskless and field working. 

Facilitating remote assistance  

The one-of-its-kind assisted reality solution features voice-controlled assistance through its applications. Partnering up with multiple software companies, we have integrated our ruggedized head-mounted device with software solutions to simplify and enhance communication with remote workers. Besides cost savings, it also leverages collaboration with remote workers to address issues and maintain complete situational awareness. RealWear Navigator ™ 500 also boasts a robust 48MP camera with impressive low-light capabilities and 5X zoom for improved collaboration with remote workers. 

 Seamless sign-on and enterprise deployment 

 The aR solution by RealWear focuses beyond remote collaboration and empowerment of frontline workers. Our engineers have taken an approach to enable additional industrial use cases with RealWear Navigator ™ 500. Besides the ergonomic design, the modern wearable device is fully integrated with security protocols, device management solutions and enterprise-class software.  

The Future of Assisted Reality: TheRealWearNavigator ™ 500 

The RealWear team is striving to drive the future of assisted reality (aR) with its groundbreaking solutions. While the previous solutions – HMT-1 and HMT 1Z1 have already outperformed and taken the lead in the industry, our recent launch of RealWear Navigator ™ 500 has created a breakthrough in the field of assisted reality.  

Changing the future dynamics of remote working, our engineers have included a gamut of new and upgraded features in the Navigator 500 that fit a paradigm shift in expectations about fieldwork. The ruggedized wearable technology serves as an alternative in dangerous working conditions where conventional devices can’t be used. RealWear aims to deploy an assisted reality solution that creates a generational shift in how industrial organizations will facilitate and modernize their frontline workers. We have also optimized our solutions by partnering with more than 200 software companies, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Team Viewer, Vuforia Chalk and Librestream.  

The Bottom Line 

The bottom line is that technological disruptions are accelerating. The industrial sector has also been influenced by advancements, which has, resultantly, changed how things move forward. One of the technologies is assisted reality that has significantly driven the fourth industrial revolution and transformed frontline workers. RealWear’s Navigator 500 is the latest launch that has disrupted the aR industry. With a host of new and upgraded features, the head-mounted device is ergonomic and effective in remote collaboration. 

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