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Assisted reality (AR) is not an unknown word anymore – it has become a technology that is revolutionizing the digital realm. However, with its growing popularity, several misconceptions have also surfaced.

Therefore, we have compiled a few common assisted reality myths and realities to give you a better idea of which technology is the best fit for you.  

Here are Common Assisted Reality Myths and Realities


Assisted Reality is new in the game   

The first myth – AR is brand-new technology. If you think so, you are mistaken. While we believe that wearable devices are emerging in the AR field just now, the truth is that assisted reality has been an influential driver of success for several industries for more than half a decade.

This technology has formed a digital nexus between remote experts and frontline workers to connect anytime, anywhere. There are many players that have been leading the development of smart wearables, such as Realwear, Moziware, Samsung, Hippo Virtual Health and more that facilitate communication within an organization and allow digital growth at a faster rate. 


Assisted Reality and Augmented Reality are the same  

Let’s debunk the most common myth we have come across – AR only refers to augmented reality. However, the reality is different – there is another AR in the game that we may not know about: Assisted reality. These two realities are different in their functions, potential, and impact.

While assisted reality facilitates the knowledge transfer process and enables users to have complete situational awareness, augmented reality offers an immersive experience of the digital and real world. Assisted Reality is transforming the industrial Metaverse sector by connecting remote experts with frontline workers and allowing workers to work in a safe and secure environment.


Assisted Reality is just a wearable device 

Assisted reality technology is available in the form of smart wearables, and that’s it? This is where many are mistaken. While AR is innovative and emerging in the industrial field, it is beyond a wearable device and has several benefits for the industrial sector.

Combined with different software applications, such as Microsoft Teams, Telepresenz, and Zoom can offer the entire world of digital possibilities, such as workplace connectivity, digital training manual, video and voice calls, and zoom meetings.


AR is only applicable to a few industries 

If you think the assisted reality is applicable to only a few industries, such as the construction or energy sector, you are mistaken again. The technology applies to every workplace environment, indicating a world full of possibilities. The scope of assisted reality has left us a lot to explore since the pandemic halted operations, now being optimized in healthcare, education, automotive, and many more sectors globally. This technology has been seen to show immense potential for every environment in terms of financial performance and value proposition. 


AR is in its early adoption stage 

We would be too naïve to think that way; neither is the adoption in its early stages nor slow. Assisted reality is growing and penetrating every sector at a rapid rate. Software companies are rolling out advanced versions that support intelligent wearables to improve connectivity and maximize organizational efficiency, even in times of unprecedented challenges.

Not only organizations and their employees are accepting assisted reality, but customers in the domestic market have started adopting it due to its growing popularity and scope in entertainment.  


Wrapping up assisted reality myths and realities, we would like to highlight the importance of your research. Instead of believing in myths and misconceptions, researching is always a smarter option when it comes to investing in technology for your organization or your own personal use. You can also reach out to our wearable technology experts with any AR questions!

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