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RealWear made a breakthrough a few years back in the assisted reality landscape with its HMT-1, a head-worn device for frontline workers. It was a breakthrough in the assisted reality sector because the rest of the solutions failed to hit the benchmark and gain satisfaction amongst industrial workers because of their ineffectiveness. Therefore, HMT-1 gained success across different verticals. Its user-friendly feature and the fact that it is rugged and well-thought to protect field employees in hazardous situations drove its success. While the HMT-1 has been a success since its launch, it was time for a next-generation industrial-strength wearable device. The question, however, was how to make the assisted reality device a highlight with unique selling points, specifically after the success of the HMT-1. 

Research concluded that hybrid work culture became the new normal after the pandemic. Therefore, it is essential that the new technology brings in more value and is able to withstand critical on-field conditions. As a result, RealWear’s Navigator™ 500 was launched with subtle design modifications for a completely new experience for frontline workers and remote experts. The all-new assisted reality solution is ruggedized and is all about empowering, engaging and elevating the modern-day frontline worker. RealWear Navigator™ 500 facilitates collaboration and connection between remote experts and field-oriented employees. The biggest advantages of our AR wearable devices are that they reduce downtime, maximize workers’ productivity and improve ROIs. 

Besides, there are certain selling points of the Navigator™ 500 that make it a standout in various sectors, such as utility, automotive and energy. Keep reading to hear more!

It’s Usable

Working in harsh conditions means that your field workers need an ergonomic and comfortable technology covering “full workers’ shifts.” HMT-1 is lightweight and offers entire workers’ shifts, and this is what industrial workers love about it. However, they wanted extended battery time and more comfort. Therefore, our primary objective was to develop the next-generation head-mounted device with lighter and well-thought ergonomics. The device has innovative design thinking to fit all head sizes without additional weight and wasted air space. At last, the RealWear Navigator™ 500 does not promise comfort and ergonomics at the expense of productivity. Hence, the all-new headset takes all design parameters into account to deliver a 360-degree assisted-reality experience.

It’s Durable

One of the selling points of the Navigator 500™ is its durability. The subtle yet impactful modifications in design maximize durability to withstand harsh working conditions. By maintaining air space and integrating the device with ruggedization tactics, we were able to maintain the sleekness and durability of the device. Moreover, the thick rubber coating was replaced with a hardened finish look to give the design a more defined and contemporary look and maximize durability.

It’s Modular

A device should be flexible enough to make changes to the camera and battery, and we are proud to say that it is one of the selling points of the Navigator™ 500. We set the ultimate goal to innovate a modern yet modular assisted reality solution to allow changes to device components. While modularity increases the weight, “miniaturization” enables our engineers to add components while making the device lighter. For example, to execute a truly modular innovation, we integrated the device with a removable and repairable 48 MP camera that you can replace or upgrade with a night vision or thermal camera. The entire purpose of offering a modular platform is to make the device future-proof for industrial frontline workers.

It has Eyebox

An additional selling points of the Navigator™ 500 is the eyepiece. It features a micro-display and connects to a “Z-shaped boom arm design.” The boom arm features a slit that increases the peripheral vision of the user. For added strength and streamlining, Navigator 500 also boasts minimized hinges. Moreover, to improve users’ experience, the main power button is placed on the other side to prevent accidental touch. The speakers are even louder, with the best noise-cancelling capabilities. Our engineers have placed substantial effort on streamlining design features and maintaining ergonomic stability by integrating the display, boom arm and the ball joint. 

It has a robust Voice-controlled Ecosystem

One of the best-selling points of Navigator™ 500 is that it has a vast and powerful voice-control ecosystem. Companies with a hybrid work culture or field-oriented staff are at benefit because the development of voice-command applications is a challenge. RealWear’s Navigator™ 500 is one of the leading ruggedized, industrial-strength AR technology wearable that supports over 200 software partners for voice control. The device is ideal for worldwide deployment because it supports 17 languages. Now field workers can launch a camera or make video calls to remote experts using its voice-command feature.

The Bottom Line

Assisted reality solutions are getting significant traction because of their useful applications in different industries. The Navigator™ 500 is an assisted reality wearable device that is an iteration with subtle yet powerful design and feature modifications. This device is known to transform modern-day frontline workers and streamline several on-field processes.

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