How can digital transformation improve your business

How can digital transformation improve your business

digital transformation improve your business

What is digital transformation?

Many companies are looking for technological developments to support their business goals and needs. However, there must be an ongoing commitment to the project to ensure its success. The transformation must be supported by key organizational players and driven by all organization members to be successful. The process involves challenging and reinventing the way things have always been done in favor of new strategies.

Digital transformation is a new trend in business where organizations are overhauling long-standing and inefficient manual procedures, and replacing them with the latest technological advancements to gain a competitive edge in the market. Digital solutions are becoming more and more necessary as we shift into a world driven by data, analytics, and an immense increase in business competition like never before.

Complex digital transformation involves constructing products and services around your digital capabilities. Incorporating this into your business may mean actions such as redesigning your sales channels according to online user behavior, initiating software development to enhance existing products or services, and catching and utilizing data to generate in-house or customer-facing analytics.

Some of the biggest challenges in digital overhaul are a lack of conviction and resistance. To ensure your project’s success, the organization must have a strong project manager to lead the change. However, a project manager cannot alone make or break digital transformation as it is a company-wide effort. A strong innovative culture is needed in the business and a team of leaders willing to push through the inevitable struggles of adopting new technology on such a large scale. A team of directly responsible individuals (DRI’s) with a passion for the project and an understanding of the quickly adapting digital landscape are needed to create a workforce of people who are positioned to be well-adapted for the new digital reality in the company.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital Transformation Solutions

The rapidly changing work environment poses new challenges to organizations every day. With real-time data and data-driven analytics revealing room for improvement in operations, organizations are looking for a solution. Digital transformation can offer solutions to slow workflows, lack of record keeping of essential information from job sites, and critical training information storage. However, currently the most relevant use case for a digital solution has been the need for remote support and video communication resulting from travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As workers have been forced to stay at home, and SMEs (Subject Matter Expert’s) cannot travel onsite to assist with maintenance or repairs, these individuals are searching for a way to contact onsite workers and offer their much-needed expertise and support in real time.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is one of the most promising advances in the digital transformation market, offering a unique and versatile solution to several problems. Some key features of wearables include real-time data transfer and integration with existing equipment and systems, photo and video capabilities for workflow records, remote video communication, quality and control, and training and mentoring.

One of the leading brands for industry wearables is Realwear, offering the head-mounted, voice-activated device HMT-1 and the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1 model. The Realwear devices are designed for the industry as these are water resistant, dustproof, and drop-proof units that can be used in any environment. The voice control feature allows workers to input commands while working and allows the use of both hands to maintain full situational awareness, which can be essential in hazardous environments.

Wearable technology analysis

According to Mckinsey and Company statistics, like many other companies globally, the Realwear HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 may be the digital transformation solution your organisation has been searching for. In a 2021 article from Mckinsey and Company, global statistics showed that remote work, supply-chain connectivity, and operational transparency are the most important focus areas in the new 4.0 digital landscape. When companies were asked what technologies they were looking to implement, 5 out of the top 6 categories were based around wearable technology like the HMT devices.

Realtime AR – The digital transformation specialists

Realtime AR is the gold channel partner for Realwear in the South Pacific and is fully equipped to supply Realwear devices and accessories to the clients around the region. The Realtime AR Team prides itself on our differentiated service and the care we provide to our customers -including learning and understanding their challenges, identifying the use case, offering tailored recommendations, hardware setup, and ongoing support throughout the POC (Proof of Concept) stage and through to scale up.

For the implementation of a complete and comprehensive wearable technologies solution to  begin your digital transformation journey, contact Realtime AR today.

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