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RealWear is known across industries for its industrial strength in wearable computers. We have been the leaders behind empowerment of frontline workers through our wearable solutions. Our head-mounted displays enable modern workforce on the frontline to engage with coworkers freely, connect with experts & professionals, collaborate, access information in real time as well as reduce the downtime of equipment.

RealWear has been proudly offering the industry its technological innovations for years along with its partners like Microsoft, TeamViewer and Cisco. We have also provided our services to other prominent names like Volkswagen and BMW.

Now, let’s take go over how frontline work has changed over the past few years & specifically during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

COVID-19 has truly transformed the dynamics of frontline workforce. It has boosted conversion of on-site workforce into remote workforce all over the world, enhanced worker safety, and has turned digitization into a necessity. It has also paved the path for new technologies and enabled digital transformation everywhere.

As hybrid work models take over and become the new normal — empowering desk less workforce will definitely give organizations a competitive edge, as suggested by research and reports.

After all, about 80% of the global workforce (which is nearly 2.7 billion people) across essential industries are not bound to their desks for work. Yet, many new technological advancements still continue to focus largely on individuals anchored to their desks.

About Digital Transformation:

Digital Transformation is simply the process of incorporating digital technologies to create new or make innovations or modify existing business operations, business culture, customer experiences, and, business methodologies. This is mainly done to stay up to date with the changing market & business requirements.

This transition of a business’s internal and external functions & the reimagining of its core concepts is called Digital Transformation.

Here are some key features of Digital Transformation:

  • Everything revolves around the customer in Digital Transformation.
  • Digitization converts analogous data to digital data.
  • Digitalization simplifies everyday business operations.

Now that you’re well informed about the impact of COVID 19 on workforces globally as well as the importance of transformation of frontline work — Let’s get to the point and learn how does the RealWear Navigator actually Transform Frontline Work.

1. RealWear Navigator™ 500 is comfortable for longer hours (full-shift operation)

The results of an interesting survey show that:

Although workers in the frontline are increasingly reliant on technology; about 60% are unsatisfied and feel there is room for improvisation.

Frontline workers usually spend long hours together in the field or even as ‘lone workers’ at times. To ensure prolonged usage without discomfort of any sort — RealWear Navigator™ 500 is one-third times lighter than its predecessor without compromising on the rating of the ruggedness.

The modular design offers a hot-swappable battery option without wasting any time or data in case there is a need for a fresh battery.

The monocular head-mounted display is not meant to be as immersive as a traditional AR or VR solution.

It provides a clear picture of real-time augmented reality data, similar to the one found on a jet pilot’s helmet. This is why it’s referred to as Assisted Reality. With the six-way boom arm, the at-a-glance display lies directly below your line of sight and can be totally pulled away when not in use. This design improves situational awareness while allowing workers to accomplish activities comfortably and safely with both hands for the duration of a shift. The comfort and flexibility are enhanced by the compatibility with PPE and other gear. The feature-rich device is primarily designed to encourage more technology adoption in field operations. For example, it features a fingerprint sensor and enables for hands-free text input and editing.

2. It’s the most enterprise-ready wearable device available for peace of mind (including both safety and IT security features)

The design & features of RealWear Navigator™ 500 are based on feedback taken from more than 5000 enterprise customers who have been using RealWear’s assisted reality solutions. 

While RealWear solutions fully integrate with enterprise-class software, security protocols, and a variety of device management solutions, RealWear Navigator™ 500 is designed to improve these capabilities even further. The time and friction to get devices up and running, deployed and managed with secure sign-on options has been significantly reduced. Workers can connect and collaborate with remote experts, follow digital workflows, visualize IoT data, safely reduce downtime, eliminate travel, improve productivity, while realizing significant ROI. The device can support a diverse group of enterprises to unlock even more use cases in the future as they equip their frontline with cutting-edge technology.

RealWear Navigator TM 500 is designed to expand these capabilities even further by integrating with enterprise-class software, security standards, and a number of device management solutions. The time and effort required to set up, deploy, and manage devices with secure sign-on choices has been greatly reduced. Workers may connect and engage with remote specialists, follow digital processes, view IoT data, decrease downtime, eliminate travel, and increase productivity while generating a strong return on investment. As more businesses equip their frontlines with cutting-edge technology, the gadget can help them unlock even more use cases in the future.

3. Our voice-controlled app ecosystem is growing fast, and well curated

The majority of businesses lack the content required to offer instructions, trainings, and manuals. To get it right for the user, developing voice-optimized apps takes time and effort. RealWear devices support a diverse set of voice-enabled apps that are rapidly expanding. More than 200 major software partners have already customized their solutions for the micro-display, making navigation completely voice-controlled and hands-free. To be clear, each app goes through a certification and approval procedure because a positive user experience is extremely important to frontline workers. RealWear solutions can be readily implemented over the world because voice commands are offered in 17 languages.

4. Hybrid work will be the only way in the future

Companies are already preparing for a mixed work week. 3 As firms try to solve problems remotely, this implies fewer engineers on the ground. While the focus is on making the move to remote work for knowledge workers as simple as possible, there are also growing industry-specific use cases that require remote field support. For example, in hazardous, loud, and harsh settings, consumer gadgets such as tablets and smartphones may not be suitable. Furthermore, millennials are more likely to work on specific days of the week. This also means that investing in the correct virtual technologies will be critical for effective knowledge transfer training and coaching.

The RealWear Navigator™ 500 is designed specifically to address this issue. It provides real-time, augmented-reality information access. Its worth is realized through a variety of apps.

5. Empowering frontline workforce is no longer an option

Desk less workers are still the “forgotten workforce,” according to The State of Technology for the Desk less Workforce 20204. Unlike deskbound corporate workers, the adoption of new technologies has been slow in this industry. This is despite the fact that 2.5 billion people throughout the world operate without a desk. Some even work in dangerous industries like oil and gas, where safety is paramount. RealWear solutions help engage, elevate, and empower the modern frontline worker to execute their tasks safely and efficiently by overcoming the hurdles of tech adoption. Faster access to information and well-designed trainings will not only help employees reach their full potential, but will also assist businesses accomplish their changing business objectives.

RealWear’s assisted reality solutions are paving the way for a generational shift in how things work across industries for Frontline workers. For more information, browse through our website or feel free to contact us.

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