Reduce Downtime and Cost with Remote MRO 


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Do you face difficulty managing complex industrial assets? Or what do you do when your busy, bustling day at work stops due to management or operational insufficiency? 


Managing business assets is a daunting task. Any management loophole brings downtime and costs- the two biggest enemies in the growth of any industry. They waste precious productivity time and cost you money and reliability. 

The problems increase manifold when business facilities are located at multiple locations. A business owner or manager should look for solutions to keep the facility running without unexpected problems in management, operations, or equipment. 

All you need is a well-managed remote MRO program that helps you manage industrial assets anywhere, from wherever you are! 

Let’s learn what remote MRO is and how it will reduce downtime and costs.


Why Remote MRO Is Important? 

MRO stands for Maintenance, Repairs and Operations, or sometimes, Maintenance, Repairs and Overhaul. It includes all the activities essential to maintain any industry’s efficiency, functionality and productivity. Industries require frequent training and expert assistance to keep up with their activities.

Remote MRO is crucial as it eliminates the skill gap and physical barriers in maintaining an industry’s operations. It has many benefits, such as enhancing efficiency, bringing sustainability, making operations eco-friendly, skill enhancement and gap filling, technological advancements, and reducing downtime and costs.

Here we will specifically talk about the importance of remote MRO with regard to reducing downtime and costs. 


Importance Of MRO In Reducing Downtime


Enable Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring allows the monitoring of industrial assets in real time. It helps businesses identify problems as soon as possible and enables timely responses, which prevent problems from escalating.

Real-time monitoring also reduces the threat of emergency shutdowns that impact the productivity of industries. Remote alarm systems with real-time monitoring allow the tracking of critical systems and prompt signals if a problem arises. In this way, the remote MRO system reduces the downtime in any organisation. 


Enhanced Preventive Measures

Remote MRO provides the industry with valuable insights into its operations and management. It will enable them to identify the risky areas, take preventive measures efficiently, and mitigate downtime risks. Appropriate preventive measures at the right time streamline the processes, maintain the equipment, and control the inventory, reducing the chances of downtime manifolds. 


Pro-active Repair And Maintenance 

Pro-active repair and maintenance are crucial in reducing the downtime. Active monitoring in real-time helps industries identify the problems and their resolution before they escalate. Repair and maintenance tasks are scheduled ahead of time, during shift changes or at the end of the day to prevent losses.

Pro-active repair and maintenance facilities also increase asset reliability and enhance productivity. 


Quick Resolution Of Issues

Although the chances of issues and shutdowns are negligible, remote MROs offer quick resolution of issues if they occur. The present data and analytics facility helps identify the problems and allows technicians to take prompt actions and solve them as soon as possible. Quick resolution of issues minimises downtimes, improving operational efficiency. 


Increased Operational Efficiency 

The common problems that hinder operations in an industry include malfunctioning equipment, unmanaged inventory, emergency breakdowns, high productivity costs, and many more. Integrating remote MRO in operations effectively combats all sorts of workflow disruptions. The net effect of real-time monitoring, early issue resolution, and proactive maintenance results in streamlining operations efficiently without delay. 


Automatic MRO Inventory Management 

Another beneficial facility of remote MRO is automatic inventory management. Unmanaged inventory leads to operational delays and loss of customer credibility. Integrating a remote MRO leads to efficient inventory tracking, cost reduction, and automatic reordering of required spare parts and materials. It also improves the order accuracy and prevents reordering of the available material. 

An efficient MRO can also predict requirements using data analysis techniques and provide room for scalability.


Using Augmented Reality Technology For Remote Repairs 

Delayed repairs increase the downtime drastically while stopping the operations. Integrating AR technology with remote MRO facilities digitally provides product information and repair and maintenance history and obtains technical instructions to streamline the repair process. 

The AR technology also bridges the skill gap and interlinks experts with technicians so they can repair equipment without delays. This facility streamlines the work process faster and more effectively. 


Importance Of MRO In Reducing Costs 


Decreased Cost Of Ownership 

Managing maintenance, repair and operation monitoring equipment at multiple locations isn’t feasible and cost-friendly. Keeping separate equipment doesn’t bring any drastic change in increasing operational efficiency or decreasing downtime, rather it increases the cost of ownership. Remote monitoring facilitates operations and brings all other benefits while decreasing costs. 


Optimised Procurement 

Remote MRO allows centralised and automated inventory management to streamline business operations and maintenance. They ensure proper control in sourcing, ordering and delivering goods and prevent overspending from unrequired procurement. Efficient and optimised procurement leveraging technology leads organisations to develop effective, cost-controlled procurement strategies to operate and maintain essential industrial assets.


Reduction In Operational Cost 

Industrial operations involve costs. Management must develop strategies that ensure efficient operations while reducing the overall costs involved. Remote MRO assists in developing such strategies. It streamlines the procedures in operations by outsourcing or providing facilities for remote working. Remote MRO also supports automation in processes, optimizing workflows thus helping the staff to complete tasks in a short time. 


Reduction In Management Cost 

Organising, planning, controlling, training, delegating and managing operations are core activities in the management process. They are essential in creating coordination among teams and employees and streamlining organisational functions. Remote MRO ensures efficient resource utilisation which leads to improved management while reducing overall management costs. 


Reduced Overhead Costs 

Overhead costs impact the overall budgeting and profitability of a business, thus it’s important to control and reduce them. Remote MRO efficiently reduces overhead costs by enhancing resource utilisation, offering remote work opportunities, real-time monitoring and quick issue resolution, optimising procurement strategies and building a flexible workforce. Reduction in overhead costs increases the businesses’ financial management effectively. 


How To Overcome The Challenges In Integrating Remote MRO?


Integrating remote MRO is essential to streamline a business’s operations and management. But, it must be noted that integrating a remote MRO is not an easy task. It requires a step-by-step process so there are minimum cybersecurity issues and your workforce adapts to the system easily. 

The steps to overcome the challenges in integrating remote MRO include: 

  • Select and integrate the right MRO software to benefit from the remote MRO facilities. 
  • Enabling technicians and other staff members to manage machinery and monitor equipment remotely to identify problems and optimise work processes. 
  • You require remote collaboration tools such as remote working platforms and tech equipment like AR wearables to implement remote MRO integration. It enables technicians to interconnect with experts and customers for guidance and support. 
  • Configure technicalities related to remote MRO implementation to route work. 
  • Provide in-person and remote training to technicians to develop skills for utilising the remote MRO efficiently. 


Final Verdict

Remote MRO helps a business streamline its operations and management, bringing many benefits. Remote monitoring, proactive maintenance and repair, increased operational efficiency, enhanced preventive measures, automatic inventory management, and use of AR technology equipment for online repairs reduce downtime. It also helps reduce the operational, management and overhead costs in the business minimising the overall costs involved in the business and increasing the profitability.

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