How Smart Glasses Increase Logistics Productivity? 


Man working in a logistics warehouse wearing wearable headset

The world is a global market. Besides the imports and exports that run the global market, today’s soaring e-commerce industry greatly depends on logistics. You can sit in Europe, shop from Australia and get it delivered in Asia! 

For all this to happen seamlessly, efficiently, safely and timely, we need logistics facilities that are on-spot and error-free. 

Logistics operations are complex. Starting from storage, warehousing and handling materials, packaging and unitisation, inventory management, transportation and information and control, each step requires interconnection and efficient flow of goods. 

To cope with the increased demands of logistics, the infrastructure and working of logistics have changed over time. With automation entering the logistics industry, operations have improved, but the industry still seeks smart solutions to increase efficiency and productivity. 

Smart glasses with Augmented Reality (AR) technology are the latest addition to the logistics industry, proving themselves unbeatable in increasing the productivity and efficiency of logistics facilities.

Let’s learn how smart glasses increase logistics productivity. 

1. Enhanced Workflow Process

Logistics have heavy workflows involving multiple stages. The stages involve planning, procurement, production, inventory, warehousing, and distribution. Each stage has its demands and challenges. 

Smart glasses smartly assist in the logistics workflow, overcoming challenges and providing solutions to increasing work efficiency. The instant feedback facility and location assistance feature of smart glasses in logistics hastens the working process and reduces error chances. They provide real-time information, optimise inventory management and help fulfil orders. They help receive and transfer data quickly, influencing the workflow process. Workers enhancing the workflow process 

2. Ergonomic And Handsfree Operations 

The smart glasses are designed to enhance the working efficiency and comfort of people using them. In the logistics industry, workers have to carry paper lists or handheld devices like tablets or laptops. They are often required to carry a handheld scanner or barcode reader which complicates their job.

Wearing smart glasses can free the workers from carrying anything in their hands. The smart glasses have the capability to scan barcodes, save information online without needing paper, and connect workers via voice or video calls so their hands can remain free. Hands-free operation allows workers to focus on their jobs without interruptions and saves time by automating the working process. 

3. Voice Interactions 

Can you complete complex logistic processes without team collaboration and communication? No, you can’t.

Smart glasses come with microphones and speakers to transmit sound from one user to another and support voice interactions. Voice interactions are the most useful interaction that virtual or physical teams can conduct. And they are more useful if they happen in real-time. With this feature, workers don’t need to keep their cell phones or use handheld devices to send messages. They can send voice messages or conduct a video call to collaborate with team members or supervisors and communicate their concerns and vice versa. 

4. Improved Efficiency And Accuracy 

Smart glasses speed up the work process and reduce the chances of errors. 

Smart glasses can display order lists, inventory lists and any other information in the head-mounted display that significantly improves their working process. Instant access to information, without getting interrupted to pick paper lists or open hand-held devices, keeps their focus towards their task. Furthermore, getting instructions and navigation becomes easier and more enjoyable, which increases worker’s efficiency. 

Prompt access to information and collaboration decreases the chances of errors in logistics operations. The AR-based smart glasses help workers quickly locate, pick, and identify the goods. They can ensure they have picked up the right products by scanning their bar codes using smart glasses, skipping the need for a separate bar code scanner. Hence, using smart glasses improves accuracy and increases productivity.

5. Gamification and Employee Engagement

Repetitive and precision-demanding logistic operations are reasons for burnout, and turnover rates are high among workers. Automation hasn’t helped much in this regard. However, introducing smart glasses has. 

Smart glasses gamify the complex, repetitive work at logistics facilities. It has proven to increase employee engagement and make work enjoyable for workers. The workers feel more comfortable and satisfied working while using the smart glasses. 

6. Live Streaming For Real-time Support

Emergency can occur at any time. And employees may need support during tasks. Sometimes, leaving the task in between to connect with fellow employees or supervisors isn’t possible. In such a scenario, smart glasses prove helpful for the employees. 

Smart glasses in logistics help employees get real-time support from team members or supervisors. Employees can connect with their fellows without leaving their tasks in between and get solutions for their problems immediately. Live streaming saves time and improves workers’ and logistics productivity.

7. Workflow Guidance And Training 

Smart glasses are known to improve workflow guidance and training for every field. Logistics facility is no different. Smart glasses help employees keep their entire focus on training material, which allows them to learn faster and stay involved in the training sessions. 

Employees get step-by-step instructions about the workflow process, from locating the products to picking and packaging, so they can learn without making mistakes. Smart glasses are also helpful during the onboarding process because of their ability to provide step-by-step guidance and efficient training. 

8. Instant Access To Information 

One of the most important features of smart glasses is instant access to information. It provides information using different technologies such as object recognition technology, head tracking, GPS, audio, video and location-based inputs. They permit hands-free documentation, making smart glasses versatile in the logistics industry. 

Smart glasses also display information through a sophisticated display system, which provides details in the user’s field of vision, providing instant access to information wherever required.

9. Improved Safety 

Smart glasses improve workers’ safety. Sensors on smart glasses alert workers of probable dangers, such as moving fortlifters. It also guides about material handling, safe storage of products or raw materials, safe labelling and packaging. Furthermore, smart glasses are important in preparing workers for potential safety hazards by simulating hazardous scenarios in controlled environments.  These training sessions allow workers to practice safety responses and procedures and utilise their knowledge at times of need. 

10. Cost Savings

Wearing smart glasses results in cost savings for logistic facilities. Smart glasses reduce the chances of errors, improve safety, prepare employees to combat difficult situations, eliminate multiple devices, cut down paper, stationary and maintenance costs, provide efficient on-site training sessions, enhance efficiency, and increase productivity. All of these bring a cost-benefit on a one-time investment. 

Real-time AR is a leading AR technology consultant in Australia, equipping logistics facilities with smart glasses as a solution to all their needs. Our smart glasses are equipped with modern technologies such as sensors, mics, cameras, Bluetooth, and WiFi capabilities to serve your business with the best-augmented reality smart glasses that increase the productivity of your logistics facility. 


Smart glasses are beneficial in increasing logistics productivity. They enhance the workflow process with their ergonomic designs, voice interaction facility and hands-free operation capabilities. Smart glasses increase employment engagement by making their work easier and more fun. Their automation and interface improve efficiency and accuracy and provide live streaming for real-time support from fellow workers and supervisors. Instant access to information minimises work delays and speeds up the task completion rate while ensuring the safety of the products and employees. The simple integration and easy-to-use smart glasses provide everything a logistics facility requires to streamline and fasten its operations while increasing productivity. 

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