Manufacturing Through Smart Glasses


AR in Manufacturing

Several years earlier, when emerging technologies like AR-powered smart glasses surfaced, we were unaware of their potential. However, several years into the initial impact of these technological devices, people began to realize the transformative impact they could make in each industry. The same goes for the manufacturing sector.  

The two most fundamental components of the manufacturing industry are precision and efficiency. While precision is crucial to ensure consistency in product quality, efficiency is required to minimize equipment downtime and operational delays. Smart glasses allow companies to work on these components and elevate them. The benefits of smart glasses deployment are not only confined to streamlined workflows and increased collaboration between remote experts and frontline workers; they also increase worker productivity and reduce errors.  

That’s not it; these smart glasses have broader applications in the manufacturing sector. Let us walk you through some impeccable features and their significant impact on the industry to drive digital transformation.  


The Significant Impact of AR in Manufacturing 


Technical Support and Remote Diagnostics 

AR in manufacturing is primarily known for transforming workplaces by delivering real-time instructions to the staff using smart glasses and head-mounted devices. Dealing with repair and maintenance issues of highly complex manufacturing equipment is a challenge.

However, deploying augmented reality devices across manufacturing facilities allows workers to connect with remote experts and seek equipment diagnostics. As a result, workers can access expert knowledge whenever they need it, and experts can maximize their capabilities on the subject matter. The application also eliminates the need for experts to travel to the field to fix issues, saving cost, time and delays.


Enhanced Efficiency 

AR-powered smart glasses show real-time analytics of production efficiency. It allows workers to get insights about manufacturing processes, output rates and loopholes, if any. The data assists professionals in making decisions to improve production and maximize output. 


Effective Training and Development of Employees

Training is crucial to augment worker skills and empower them to maximize production rates and prevent delays. However, manual technical training is time-consuming and requires effort. Digitalization has truly evolved training processes in the frontline field.

AR in manufacturing is highly effective in providing technical and on-field support to frontline workers. With the help of hands-free technology and built-in cameras, smart glasses allow workers to learn in an interactive environment from remote professionals without the need for any handheld device. It speeds up processes, saves time and reduces equipment downtime. 


Ensures Worker Safety 

Ensuring workers’ safety is highly crucial in the manufacturing industry because they have to deal with complex environments. Smart glasses deployment ensures workers’ safety with its situational awareness feature. Frontline employees can stay alert and get instructions related to safety protocols. Personnel can also access real-time monitoring of critical parameters that are necessary to facilitate a safe and secure environment. 


How Realtime AR’s smart glasses and head-worn devices are facilitating a digital change in the manufacturing sector 

Realtime AR offers digitalization services with its cutting-edge and leading AR technology. We allow businesses to empower their frontline workforce, ensure safety and improve productivity levels. Our next-generation AR-driven solutions are making a transformational impact in several sectors, including manufacturing. Here’s how:  


Remote Collaboration 

Realtime AR devices feature built-in cameras, video support and voice recognition technology, enabling workers to collaborate with remote experts. Within seconds, your frontline workforce can seamlessly connect to professionals in any remote location and gain valuable knowledge on demand. 


Digital Workflow 

Our smart glasses significantly reduce paperwork by storing records digitally. It saves time, cost and the environment.


Worker Safety  

Enable compliant performance and promote a secure working environment with our smart glasses. They allow complete situational awareness and eliminate the need to carry handheld devices while on the job. 

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