The Benefits of the All-New Realwear Cloud Platform


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About half of the government agencies in the US use the cloud. They spend more than $2 billion on the creation & maintenance of cloud services. These agencies rely on Cloud platforms to store, manage & process data. 

But why?  

It is because cloud computing enables organizations to operate efficiently & effectively. The use of an interlinked network to simplify data management & business operations ensures maximum productivity, cost reduction & top-notch security.

Inevitably, cloud services have grown to be widely popular over the past years. The Global Market is expected to grow to USD 947.3 billion by 2026 from USD 445.3 billion in 2021. This report suggests a significant growth that is well-justified by the numerous benefits of Cloud Computing. In December 2021 – We launched the RealWear Navigator 500 & spoke about being a platform company. To genuinely be one, we should provide hardware, software, and cloud. 

Hence the All-New Realwear Cloud Emerged


A joint network of remote servers hosted by the internet – Realwear Cloud is here to change the way you use Realwear devices. It will assist you to streamline deployment, establish a secure network & support your frontline workforce. You can also understand usage trends within your enterprise & increase ROI. The possibilities are endless. So, do you want to take advantage of the Realwear Cloud and maximize the potential of your Realwear devices?  

Let’s dig deeper & understand the benefits of our all-new Cloud Platform. 

1. Access Data Anytime & Anywhere. 

Our customers already enjoy accessibility at work with Realwear’s high-tech AR wearables. Now, you can take your Realwear experience up a notch by adapting the Realwear cloud. It enables real-time communication between remote workers & IT administrators. The liberty to access important information anytime & anywhere is an ideal solution for urgent use cases. 

2. Get Rid of Non-Essential Hardware & Software

Are your business operations running smoothly with our assisted reality devices & accompanied software? Well, it’s time to upgrade your system and benefit from the complete Realwear Experience. Bid farewell to multiple third-party servers, backup networks, outdated hardware equipment & software. Staying true to our words, we have become a true platform company: We now offer customized hardware, software, and cloud – So your enterprise can thrive by leaps & bounds. 

3. Centralize Your Data Protection System

A centralized security structure means that individual users or teams are no longer required to maintain onsite or offsite backups. The cloud is responsible for your data protection & you’re spared the extra burden. It also eliminates chances of data loss through possible system failures. A solid data protection architecture is vital for any company – Especially those that are majorly digitalized or work on automation.  For an extra layer of privacy, you can also make use of two-factor authentication & data encryption. 

4. Reduce Company Expenditure


One of the most significant advantages of cloud systems is that they reduce costs for businesses which comes in the useful long term. It will decrease spending if you don’t need a tech-support team to tackle server troubles. Moreover, cloud computing is scalable. The servers deployed within the enterprise need costly hardware upgrades, which necessitate major upfront costs. If the company does not grow as expected, updating your hardware is a waste of green paper. Cloud computing service providers typically allow enterprises to expand and minimize cloud computing resources in real time. Therefore, you can save money by acquiring more computing resources based on demand. 

5. Go Green

When an organization adopts cloud computing, it results in fewer physical servers. This enables a company to reduce the size of its data center or completely obliterate it. Fewer servers use fewer resources. Furthermore, improving the capacity for sharing files can lower the number of printed copies for the team, saving energy and money. Understanding this simple effect can help you become an environment-friendly enterprise. Yes, it’s not that complicated at all. Reduce your carbon footprint & stand tall as an eco-friendly company during the current climate crisis: Get the Realwear Cloud today. 

6. Have Full Control Over Company Operations

Enterprises are frequently inspected when there is a lag in operations, data loss, or operational dysfunction. Cloud computing provides organizations with full authority over the company’s ongoing operations. In the case of sensitive data, the Cloud provides a bird’s-eye view of the data, allowing the user to monitor accessibility, usability, and deployability. 

While it gives management control, it also streamlines work by compartmentalizing tasks according to employees and providing them with unique access to one’s job obligations. This allows for a solid picture of the tasks to be performed as well as a direct path to task completion. 

The advantages of cloud computing don’t end here. 


Realwear Cloud Assistance

Realwear users can benefit from the Realwear Cloud even more with Realwear Cloud Assistance. It is an advanced feature built into every Realwear device. RealWear Cloud Assistance enables you to communicate with your frontline workforce. A single click on the “Connect” button can create a secure connection between on-ground employees & the IT department. Once connected, your IT Administrator can see what’s on the device’s screen, control it, have two-way conversations, and help overcome technical issues in real time. RealWear Cloud Assistance is disabled by default and must be enabled by RealWear Support. This allows your IT team to decide how to deploy our powerful new feature. 

Head over here for a detailed yet brief description of Realwear Cloud & its various benefits. 


In Conclusion:

Realwear Cloud offers a myriad of benefits. It has innumerable perks that assist you to streamline deployments & updates, analyzing device data & receive real-time support. These innovative features aid your enterprise’s swift transition into what the present-day industry needs: Digitalized operations & high-tech automation. Get the Realwear Cloud today & take total control of your Realwear fleet in your hands. 

We also offer a 60-day free trial for Realwear Cloud Pro features. You can review and compare the Realwear cloud Basic & Pro features here: Realwear Cloud Basic VS Pro. 

To learn more: Get in touch with us today. 

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