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Are you familiar with the word PPE? You must have heard it quite frequently during the pandemic and how it was a necessary precaution for medical frontline workers while dealing with patients. PPE stands for personal protective equipment, and its application is not confined to the medical sector. It is specifically important for industry workers who often have to deal with a harsh environment.

What is PPE? 

PPE is a safety gear for the frontline workforce against injuries and physical hazards that they may be exposed to, specifically insectors such as energy, oil, manufacturing and mining.

PPE has been especially essential since the industrial revolution took over with equipment such as work gloves, eye protection and helmets. While these are pretty basic protective measures to comply with safety standards, assisted reality solutions are a PPE safety addition for every frontline worker. Assisted reality wearable devices, such as Realwear’s HMT-1Z1 and HMT-1, made a breakthrough in the PPE industry with a robust combination of innovative technology and PPE safety gear. Not only that, but the ultimate PPE safety addition also maximizes the entire digital transformation process of an organization by empowering the modern frontline worker and enabling real-time collaboration.


Industry 4.0 has taken the world by storm with the introduction of new cutting-edge innovations. With workplaces getting digitalized rapidly, assisted reality is gaining significant prominence as the ultimate PPE safety addition across different verticals. The deployment of assisted reality wearable devices, such as Realwear’s HMT-1Z1, has empowered, engaged and elevated modern frontline workers with hands-free, voice-control and noise-cancellation features.

These allow workers to work safely in a critical environment where taking handheld devices is a mere risk, and disruptions can risk the loss of focus. Using the power of software capabilities and voice commands, workers can launch a video call or take an image from the camera. 

One of the benefits of PPE safety addition is that it does not only protect users but leverages productivity and concentration. Also, it can decrease various costs, such as expenses covering executive trips to industrial facilities to help the staff and on-site physical training costs for employees.


Tackling loud environments

Workers often have to deal with a loud and noisy environment because of heavy machinery and equipment. On-field workers need earplugs to avoid obstructions and focus on instructions provided by remote experts. However, the more efficient way is to deploy the Navigator ™ 500. It is an assisted reality wearable technology that works as a PPE safety addition by cancelling noise and working equally effective in noisy settings.

Eradicating the use of handheld devices

While covering hands is absolutely important to protect them from injuries, workers can’t help but take their safety gloves off to use smart devices for different purposes, such as to make a video call or take an image. However, Realwear’s wearable devices and compatible software are a PPE safety addition for they allow hands-free use to launch different functions and navigate any important document.

Protecting eyes

Protecting the eyes is critical because dust particles, chemical emissions and material shards can be highly detrimental. While there are safety glasses available on the market, Realwear head-mounted devices work as 2-in-1 equipment – PPE safety addition with safety glasses and digital collaboration device. 

Replacing bulky helmets

Falling objects are common in fieldwork. To be safety compliant, companies deploy hard helmets, which are often heavy and difficult to manage. However, assisted reality devices, such as Realwear Navigator 500, are PPE safety additions that feature weightless helmets with additional features for frontline workers’ protection.

Workplaces are driven by the industrial revolution. With new production processes in place, the need for personal protective gear is becoming prominent to ensure workers’ safety. The introduction of assisted reality solutions has introduced a powerful combination of innovative tech and safety gear. PPE safety addition with AR wearables has revolutionized the safety of employees; all credit goes to ground-breaking features embedded within the device. It has allowed companies to prioritize workers’ safety and become safety-compliant. Realwear’s head-worn devices feature hands-free, noise-cancellation and voice command features for maximized protection and productivity.

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