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INNOVATION IS KEY: Oil & Gas Companies Across The World Are Using Augmented Reality Headsets.

Did you know?

High scale firms like National Oilwell Varco, Shell, Saudia Aramco and Schlumberger have adopted Digitization & transformed their entire systems using Augmented Reality Headsets & Assisted Reality Solutions like the RealWear HMT-1 & HMT-1Z1.

Interesting, right? Or are you scratching your head confused about what Augmented Reality really is?

Well, no worries. Let’s read all about it and RealWear’s Augmented Reality Headsets.

Augmented Reality: 

Augmented reality (AR) is a highly visual, interactive means of providing useful digital information in the context of the actual environment, which helps employees connect and improve business outcomes.

By superimposing digital content onto real-world work surroundings, industrial augmented reality makes it easier to produce and provide simply digestible job instructions.

You, too, can change the way you work & transform frontline work for your employees: With the help of RealWear headsets using AR technology & Assisted Reality Solutions.

Here are some measurable results you can achieve with RealWear Augmented Reality Headsets: 

  •       Up to 40% enhancement in new hire productivity.
  •       Up to 30% increase in sales growth.
  •       Up to 50% decrease training costs.
  •       Up to 30% enhancement in first-time-fix-rate.
  •       Up to 25% reduction in scrap & rework costs.

Now let’s read about how National Oilwell Varco is using RealWear headsets efficiently. 

Oil and gas workers at National Oilwell Varco can get expert help right away. Remote Mentor solutions like Librestream’s Onsite platform are used by the NOV team. Experts can start a video conference call with a few simple voice commands from thousands of miles away.

Mark Norman, AM Systems / Service Development Manager at National Oilwell Varco says: 

“Using the RealWear headset combined with the Onsight platform has created an effective hands-free solution for our field teams to better support our customers.” 

NOV Oil and Gas is one of many oil and gas companies to adopt digital-first solutions. Shell, too, recently rolled out RealWear HMT-1® at 24 of its sites around the world.

Michael Kaldenlbach, the Digital Realities Lader at Shell says: 

“In the past, we would have to actually fly people over in order to resolve issues. In this case, it’s nothing more than a phone call away. We can still offer the same level of support or even better, using this kind of augmented reality.”

Compelling accounts of RealWear headsets, right? 

Well, there is more but before we get into it… Did you know that according to a survey conducted by RealWear:  

98 % of People Say COVID-19 Has Transformed the Digital Landscape

The pandemic has transformed the digital landscape. Given as such, we launched the Future of Work Pulse Survey. We wanted to understand the direction our technology will take, as we’ve already heard that ‘there’s no going back’ and ‘there is no such thing as work anymore’. 

You can read about all that we learned here: RealWear Headsets during Covid-19 

Keep reading to learn how Augmented Reality, Assisted Reality Solutions & AI will change the way we all work in the future. 

  • Reshaping of the Manufacturing Industry. 

Knowledge automation will increase due to a shift in workforce structure. Data specialists are facilitating the implementation of artificial intelligence strategies in the industrial landscape. The investment is transitioning from general models to more meticulous AI strategies, which will be further driven by a change in cultural factors and leadership.

  • Bridging Talent Management and Cost Challenges 

Talent management is a costly expense, specifically for data scientists. The field experts are generally hard to find; therefore, companies are alternating them with built-in artificial intelligence technologies. Organizations will now be better able to accelerate value generation from their data, construct ML models, and extract key insights.

  • Healthcare Industry

The trends suggest that healthcare facilities will strive to implement efficient artificial intelligence technology for capacity management. The investment is huge; therefore, healthcare organizations must validate it with suitable technology. Such institutions face diverse challenges. Therefore, it is important to make investment decisions based on how solutions can serve as a nexus. The investment must also decrease the burden on the IT team and guarantee that the implementation is not based on just trends but the actual efficiency of the technology.

  • Momentum in Cybersecurity to Detect Anomalies.

The protection of digital networks and assets is the ultimate priority for businesses. These tasks are often beyond the capability of traditional methods. Artificial intelligence technology plays a vital role because it enables organizations to detect anomalies and recognize patterns.

  • Effective Supply Chains

Intelligent and technology-enabled supply chain is taking over. According to the experts, by the end of 2022, supply chain, logistics and digital manufacturing will become AI-driven, making key processes future-proof.                                     

  • Customer-facing AI Will Increase in the Near Future. 

The pandemic drove the integration of artificial intelligence solutions in customer-facing jobs. Though the pandemic has eased down, the trend is here to stay. Companies will keep integrating such technologies to optimize productivity among workers and upgrade service delivery.

And, that’s about it folks. We sincerely hope you found this detailed blog post informative. It was put together to integrate Augmented Reality Headsets, Assisted Reality Solutions, AI & Digital Transformation: All into one insightful piece of information. 

Feel free to contact us for more information or details. Thank you. 

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